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Jupiter in Virgo August 11, 2015 - Sept 2016

Jupiter entered a new sign this month after being in Leo for one full year. Yep, Jovial Jupiter enters the sign of Virgo on August 11th and he stays there until September of 2016.

Jupiter is the largest planet in our galaxy, which is perfect symbolism as astrologically he's also the planet that urges us to grow, to expand and to reach for the stars.  He rules higher education, the law, international travel, philosophy, not to mention just having a really good time.  He's a party animal, that one.  Everything to excess, he always says.  Growth and expansion are his thing, and not just on the mental level either. Jupiter is usually around when women get pregnant and expand on the physical level.  He's also around when people gain weight (typically when Jupiter hits the Ascendant).  For the most part, Jupiter brings opportunity and he helps us to feel confident in ourselves.

Jupiter in Virgo is a little different however, because here Jupiter wants us to expand by actually making things smaller - by streamlining procedures and cutting back on excess.  Yes, as you can probably already tell, Jupiter is not at his happiest when he's in Virgo.  Jupiter in Virgo is actually in its detriment. He can't just throw caution to the wind and expand willy-nilly. Nope. Here he has to be more refined and cautious.

Jupiter in Virgo seeks to improve things, to expand and grow by cutting back on the non-essentials. Here he's going to get rid of excess and focus on what really works. For example, Jupiter also rules publishing. So here, in Virgo, Jupiter can help someone grow and expand in the publishing world by editing and refining copy and being particular about which words to words. Virgo is a master wordsmith by the way.

Another good example is picking off the deadheads off your flowering plant. If you pinch off the faded flowers, the plant is coaxed into produced even more buds and flowers.

Jupiter in Virgo is where less really is more. Here he's not going to be the big party animal.  Here's he's going to be urging you to go the spa and to go on a juice fast and to take up pilates. He'll urge you to put down the Snickers bar and to be more particular about what you eat. Jupiter in Virgo is great for anything health-related or diet related or fitness related.  He supports you in your journey to better health - that's how he's supporting you in growing. Restaurant trends will be for healthier food, and there will be more allowance for dietary restrictions, thank goodness.

Virgo is picky and detail oriented, so Jupiter in Virgo is the time when the small picky details are going to be magnified. People are going to see the trees instead of the forest.

Jupiter's sign sets the trend for the coming year.  It shows what will be in favour, and also what industries will expand.  Business astrologers say to invest in business and industries that represent whatever sign Jupiter is transiting in, because their profits will increase.

So, what will be trendy or in favour for the coming year?  Health!  Anything to do with being as healthy as you can be. Super green smoothie drinks, even better blenders, spa packages, new and better diet tips and tricks, meditation and yoga. New and better ways to meld body, mind and spirit. Because the whole planet is waking up in consciousness, I wonder if the trend will be for people to adopt a higher vibrational diet. More plant based food, and perhaps more compassion for animals and how we treat them. Walter Palmer killing Cecil the lion and the outrage around it happened just as Jupiter entered Virgo, and it raised awareness of the collective responsibility to protect and respect all of earth's animal life.

Getting a massage is a pleasurable way to maintain good health - very Jupiter in Virgo.  And on a tropical beach is even better, as Jupiter does like to travel.

Virgo also rules craftsmanship, or anything you do with your hands. Crafts of all kinds will be a big trend, and the more skillful and detail oriented the better (Martha Stewart has Venus in crafty Virgo). Knitting, needlepoint, decoupage, or any kind of home improvement or decoration projects are all likely to be this year. Hairdressers use their hands in a skilled way, and they will have a good year, or people will want to train to be a hairdresser. Precision and skill are definitely favoured. Virgo also rules small pets, as well as vets. Perhaps adopting pets from the SPCA will be an even stronger movement than it is right now.

As far as fashion goes, Virgo looks tends to be more on the conservative side. It may bring back the 'buttoned up' look.  It can still be very sexy...think of tall laced up boots. Or blouses with a zillion little tiny buttons on it.  There will be lots of detail and exquisite designs. Understated elegance is the trend here, such as Gwyneth Paltrow or Jennifer Aniston or Audrey Hepburn or Chanel. Nothing too showy or dramatic or colourful. It's more about subtlety, like a super expensive watch or amazing bag. There will be clean lines and elegant simplicity. Expect to see even smaller, yet even more amazing and adaptable versions of tablets and phones and electronic gadgets. We may see more smart cars, or minis. More fuel efficient and smaller cars.

Virgos are going to be having a great year as Jupiter comes up to conjunct their Sun. All earth signs will too, as Jupiter trines their Sun,

So, in general, look to see where you can grow by cutting back or refining or better defining techniques. You have celestial permission to simplify your life! That's the trend for the coming year and you will be celestially supported in doing so, and in fact great gains, rewards and growth will occur because of it.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Have you been seeing 11:11 a lot lately?


Are you seeing a lot of 11's?  Or especially 11:11? I sure have. I was reading a book I got from the library and found the due date slip inside the front cover, and it read Aug 11, at 11:11 am.  I happened to glance at the clock and it was 11:11 pm.  Hmmm.  This has been happening a lot lately, so I queried an expert on the matter. Apparently this is a phenomenom that is taking the world by storm she said.

11:11 represents the awakening of consciousness on the planet.  It's also called' The Shift'. Many awakened scientists confirm that the Earth, and of course humanity, is being bombarded by Galactic Waves of Love.  These are really electromagnetic waves coming from the centre of the Galaxy that are very high in frequency and that have been hitting the planet in waves for the last few years, awakening us to what is really going on in the world (history is not what you think it is), and also supporting each and every human to rise in consciousness.  These waves are increasing in intensity, and will really be intense this September. This involves the releasing of karma....which means the actual physical and emotional releasing of lifetimes of pain and hurt. As you can imagine, this is not the most comfortable process, yet it is necessary to evolve.  The human race and Gaia (the earth) is evolving and ascending into a new dimension.  We've been living in the third dimension for about 26,000 years, and now, right on cue astrologically, we are now in the throes of ascending into the 5th dimension.  Throughout history this new era we've been looking forward to has been called 'The Golden Age'.  David Wilcock's book The Synchronicity Key:  describes the 26,000 year cycle quite well.  Guess what - we're at the very end of that cycle. This is when the Age of Aquarius is really beginning. Every human on the planet is shifting on every single level - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Whenever you see 11:11, a portal for manifestation is open at that exact moment. This is when you're totally dialed in to the Universe. Pay attention to what's going on at that moment, or what you're thinking about at that moment, because your thoughts at that moment have a strong Universal support to manifest.  It's actually a fantastic time to make a wish - what do you want to manifest!  It's like you're tapped into the centre of the source - its a huge Synchronistic happening and you're part of it.

Thursday, 6 August 2015

Jennifer Aniston Marries Justin Theroux - a chart comparison

Jennifer Aniston married Justin Theroux  Wednesday afternoon August 5th, 2015!

Let's look at these charts and then compare them and see what kind of long-term compatibility they have between them.

The third chart is bi-wheel, with Jennifer's chart in the middle, and Justin's chart on the outside. This makes it much easier to see where and how their planets aspect each other.

Jennifer has Venus and Saturn together in Aries in her 7th house. This speaks to challenges in relationships throughout her life, and in fact is one of her karmic lessons. Hers are 12 degrees apart, but I think its strong enough to say they're conjunct, so I will. I wrote a whole post about people who have this aspect. You can read it here. Typically Venus Saturn women tend to marry later in life, or have problems finding the right one. There are usually feelings about not feeling good enough, or deserving, or they feel like they need to 'earn' love.  Often these women make a career (Saturn) from their looks (Venus). Many successful models have this aspect I've found.

First off,  I notice that Justin's Moon in Aries is in Jennifer's 7th house of relationships, so right away she feels comfortable with him.  We tend to feel drawn to those people who have planets in our 7th house. His Moon in Aries is conjunct her North Node (destiny point), as well as her Venus. This is a lovely aspect to have, as she exemplifies what he is looking for emotionally.  Even more importantly, they have the number one aspect of successful marriage (according to the Magi astrologers), which is his Chiron conjunct her Venus.  This is a very strong bond, as the Chiron person, in this case Justin, feels like Jennifer is a soothing balm to his soul. Somehow he feels healed in her presence. (By the way, JLo has this aspect with Casper Smart, which may be why she feels so strongly drawn to him).

On top of that, Justin has Sun and Venus in Leo, which nicely trines her Aries planets in her 7th house. They both have Venus in fire, which shows that they share the same interests and they can get along in a harmonious way. People who have Venus' in different elements or in harsh aspect don't always have a lot in common and they often end up doing many things apart from each other.

His Sun in Leo trines her Saturn, which is a lovely aspect of commitment and longevity. Saturn is the cement that holds people together, for better or for worse, so you need to have aspects with Saturn if you want a long-term relationship.

His Jupiter on her Mars says he inspires her to move forward and to take action, whilst she helps him to to feel supported and inspires him to grow and move onward and upward.  His Mars on her Sun shows that he finds he quite sexy and desirable.

Their individual Mars' are not in harmony though, as his Mars in Aquarius squares her Mars and Neptune in Scorpio. Justin has a Sun Mars opposition natally, and it T-squares to her Mars.  That's a lot of energy to deal with, and it can be passion and excitement on one hand, but also arguments and conflicts on the other.  I bet they have some very heated arguments!  Mars square Mars can be a deal breaker in relationships when it gets activated by a heavy transit. Mars square Mars can be all about competing egos...who's gonna win? Positively they can push each other on to greater things, but negatively it can be an all out war. I'd be very watchful in 7 years when Uranus comes up to trigger their Mars square. Plus, the 7 year itch is a real thing by the way - 7 years is when Saturn in the sky squares the Saturn in the wedding chart.  Saturn squares itself every 7 years, which is why so many couples go through trauma at the 7 year mark.

Mars in Scorpio (Jennifer) is passionate and intense, and can be quite jealous and territorial, depending on the person of course. You don't mess with a Mars in Scorpio person. Mars in Scorpio need to be in control, and they don't like to be too overt about it, as Scorpio is a very secretive sign. I've seen this combination in action. They often hold back the whole truth, or will just say what they need to say to ensure the outcome they want. They are expert, expert manipulators. I know one person with this who is the most expert manipulator of people I've ever seen in my whole life. Add in Neptune, which can be quite deceptive, and you've got a double whammy for passive aggressive behaviour. This aspect can lead someone to play the victim as a means of control. As always, this completely depends on how conscious and self aware the individual is of course, but for sure there will be tendencies towards it, and more enlightened types will have learned how to channel that energy in a different way. My take is that she's not there yet. I think she has controlled the media in such a way that she is perpetually seen as 'the victim' in the whole Brangelina triangle. People forget that she started seeing Justin while he was still living with his then-girlfriend Heidi Bivens. You can read more about that here Celebitchy.

PLUS, she has has Pluto square her Moon.  Yep, another aspect speaking to issues around control and trust. Pluto Moon people don't trust you out of the gate and it takes a lot for them to let you into their circle. Pluto Moon like to control the outcomes of things, so this adds even more oomph to the control issues of her Mars in Scorpio position. Jennifer is also known for being very controlling of her image.  Justin's Pluto squares her Moon as well, making for some intense control issues between them. People with strong Pluto tend to be very charismatic and magnetic in general, which makes them winners in the Hollywood realm.

On the positive side, that Mars Neptune makes her very photogenic and glamorous, as does her Sun square Neptune. Most successful actors have strong Neptune, which allows them to blur their boundaries and actually morph into different characters.  Because of this ability/yearning to lose their boundaries, strong Neptune can also make one more disposed to escapism through drugs and alcohol, which we've seen a lot in Hollywood. Jennifer is known for loving her wine (don't we all!) as well as her pot. I wrote a post about this here
Neptune and Artistry in Hollywood

Jennifer natally has Uranus opposing her Venus. She also has Uranus rising, and she is an Aquarius, so we can safely say that she is a 'Uranian' type.  Uranian types have powerful needs for independence and autonomy. With her Venus and Saturn in the 7th house she has strong needs for a committed relationship too,  yet she fears it as well, and that independent Uranus fights it tooth and nail. Venus oppose Uranus is like a push-pull in the love department. It's hard to satisfy both sides. Justin's Uranus happens to be close to the same degree as Jennifer's Uranus, so he basically triggers that dilemma inside of her. His Uranus opposes her Venus, which is usually a very hard aspect to navigate in a relationship. It tends to be a deal breaker for most people. The best way to deal with it is to allow each other to have a lot of space. It works well if one person works out of town a lot, or if there are frequent breaks. It does not work well between people who want a quiet, cozy routine home environment.  But then again, they work in Hollywood where they go to set for months at a time. Maybe this could work for them.  Maybe.

Jennifer also has her Moon in freedom loving Sagittarius.  Are you starting to see a theme here? She has issues about freedom and space and its hard for her to be tied down, despite what she says. People say that it was Brad that left her, but when someone has freedom/commitment issues, it doesn't matter who leaves who. Often the person who has freedom issues commits to someone who they know on a deeper unconscious level is not the right one, so they know they can 'escape' at some point.

His Moon is conjunct her North Node, and her Sun is conjunct his North Node. This speaks strongly to a past life involvement, as well as a strong support for them growing together in this lifetime.

Overall I'd say they have just as many positives as they do negatives, but I do wonder how that Uranus Venus aspect is going to manifest, as well as all that harsh Mars energy. I wish then well and I'm sure we'll see how this plays out in the media.

Monday, 3 August 2015

August Void Moon Calendar

For those who want to know more about Void Moon phases and how they work, click here

List of times when the Moon is Void Moon in PDT

Aug 3  1:35 pm  - 4:24 pm

Aug 5  4:29 pm  - 6:29 pm

Aug 7  9:46 pm  - 10:40 pm

Aug 10  4:45 am  - 5:08 am

Aug 12  10:44 am  - 1:52 pm

Aug 14  9:36 pm  - Aug 15  0:46 am

Aug 17  10:16 am  - 1:23 pm

Aug 19  7:56 pm  - Aug 20  2:24 am

Aug 22  12:31 pm  - 1:41 pm

Aug 24  3:04 pm  - 9:22 pm

Aug 25  2:45 am  - Aug 26  5:15 am

Aug 27  0:20 am  - 1:03 am

Aug 29  0:03 am  - 1:51 am

Aug 30  11:53 pm  - Aug 31  1:33 am

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August 2015 Horoscope

                              My August Horoscopes are up!  Go here to read yours

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The astounding astrological symbolism in Vancouver (and other cities)

If you take most of the major historic and geographic points of interest in Vancouver, including Queen Elizabeth Park, the Burrard Street Bridge, Vancouver Lookout, Christ Church Cathedral, The Masonic Building, Science World, Olympic Village, Sun Tower, Stanley Park, Lions Gate Bridge, City Hall etc...and you pinpoint them all on a map, then you get this.

                                                 Image from

They create a circle divided into 36 equally spaced lines, all equidistant from one constant centre point - the Masonic Building.

The Ancient Egyptians recognized 36 constellations. They divided the year into 36 decans.  We still use decans, so each astrological sign has 3 decans in it.  So, each 3 lines on this map corresponds to one astrological sign.  It's really just a big astrological zodiac circle, much like you would read an astrological chart.

One of the 36 lines goes to the HR Macmillian Space centre, which has a Crab at the entrance, which of course symbolizes the sign of Cancer.

From there, you can go around the 'chart' and see what locations corresponds to what signs on this map. If Cancer is at that location, then The Sun Tower, which also lies at the end of another those 36 equidistant lines, but a little more north, would represent Taurus. The Sun Tower has an obelisk right in front of it in Victory Square, with the sign of Taurus right on the front of it.

The sign of Sagittarius on this map corresponds directly to the airport, and of course Sagittarius rules travel.  The sign of Scorpio corresponds to Iona Island and the sewage treatment plant, which is very Scorpionic indeed. Capricorn which rules ambition and career and prestige corresponds to the richest area in Vancouver called The Crescent in Shaugnessy area.   It's fascinating stuff.  One could go around find correlations for the whole zodiac this way. I'd like to go out to all of these places and see if there are any actual astrological and zodiacal symbols in the area.

The distance from the Masonic Building to the Lions at Lions Gate Bridge is 3.333 miles. In East Van there is a big famous Neon Cross. The distance from that to the Celtic Cross in Stanley Park is 3.033 miles, to the Vancouver Lookout is 3.33 miles, and to the obelisk in Victory Square 3.033 miles.  Distance from Masonic Centre to Queen Elizabeth Park is 3333 m. QE Park, which is the highest point in the city, aligns directly over 33rd Ave. There's a very precise astrological and mathematical grid in place in this city, as well as grids in TorontoNew YorkDenver and Phoenix.

Continued here

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Venus Retrograde July 25 - Sept 6, 2015

Venus goes retrograde on July 25th for 40 days and 40 nights.

Venus represents love, money, relationships, what gives us pleasure - in general she represents what we value.  When Venus goes retrograde, we are re-evaluating things in our life. Usually by the time Venus goes direct, we have one or more new priorities regarding what or whom we give value to.  Venus is all about promoting harmony in relationships. When Venus goes retrograde, she is still trying to promote harmony in relationships, but she does it by showing us where we're not being true or authentically ourselves in our relationships. During these times people typically see where they've been lying to themselves or to their partners, and they can finally see where they need to speak up and rock the boat.

Venus retrogrades from 1 degree of Virgo back to 14 degrees of Leo. Venus retrograde goes in cycles, and this particular cycle is a repeat of the time Venus went retrograde in July of 2007.  Venus is retrograding through the exact same sign and even the exact same degrees as she did back then!  In 2007 she retrograded at 3 Virgo and went back to 16 Leo, so yes, we are going back over the same territory.

So, what happened back in July of 2007?  What person, place, situation or thing were you re-evaluating at the time?  You may re-visit the same situation but with different circumstances.

What to Avoid
Venus in retrograde is not a good time to purchase expensive clothing or jewels. Venus in retrograde is a weak position, so she's not in the best position to deliver the goods, so to speak. In general, doing important Venusian things is better when Venus is moving direct. So, as I said, don't spend a ton of money on clothes, jewelry, home decorating, expensive art etc.  Its probably not the best time to invest in some big financial scheme either.  Big, huge parties are not usually as fun when Venus is retrograde. Since Venus rules marriage, I would not want to be saying my vows under its retrograde phase.  Venus also rules beauty, so of course people are going to be re-assessing their image, and some people will want to change a few things, or even have plastic surgery. Wait until Venus moves direct and even better moves into a strong sign, like Venus in Libra, before doing something major like that.  I would even wait on getting a whole new hairstyle too until Venus moves direct. Old flames tend to pop up under this influence, but if you do get back together don't count on its longevity.

What to Do
It is a good time to hit second hand stores though, or to invest in antiques. You can find some amazing bargains in these areas as well - things of value can be found cheap.  Garage sales can yield amazing bargains at this time too.  Re-evaluate, renew, recycle or reinvent is a good thing to do when Venus is retrograde.  It is a good time to reassess your current financial advisor or current financial plan and to do research about new investments. Don't actually make the changes until Venus moves direct though. If you're starting a brand new relationship under this phase, give yourself lots of time and take it very slow. And of course, its a great time to allow yourself to speak up about what's bothering you in your relationship, or to speak your truth about something that maybe you weren't even aware of before this. You can also expect women from the past to come back into your life.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Gold and Silver and the Economy fall/winter of 2015

I wrote a post last year about what to expect with the prices of Gold and Silver in 2014-2015 and how the market responds to the Jupiter Saturn cycle when it comes to stocks and precious metals. You can read it here.  We were hoping that Gold would rise in price as Jupiter entered Leo and was helped by that Uranus in Aries.  Unfortunately that Saturn dipping back into Scorpio in June has kept the lid on things regarding price. I think that Saturn also represents all the corrupt banksters that continue to manipulate the price of gold and silver. Pretty much everyone now knows that the markets are rigged, thanks to the internet. Saturn dipped back into Scorpio in June of 2015 and will leave Scorpio for good in mid-September 2015.  September is certainly a month to watch.

This continued depression of gold prices is validated by Mike Maloney's short video that came out today. It's a must-see if you're interested in where the price of gold and silver is going. He says, and has always said, that there will be a depressionary plunge in the value of gold before it takes off and goes sky high. Which is really what is happening now with Saturn back in Scorpio squaring the sign of Leo, the sign that rules Gold.  As I mentioned in my previous post, Saturn squares tend to keep prices low.

Saturn leaves Scorpio in mid-September, which takes the pressure off of the sign of Leo (gold). 

There's another reason Gold and Silver could move up this fall, and that's because the economy and the stock market could tumble with the Saturn Neptune square (precious metals are the first place people go to invest when the economy/market gets scary).  

Saturn and Neptune in hard aspect are the two planets that can represent markets crashing, or at least correcting.  They were in opposition in 2007, which is when the big crash really started, according to financial experts. It was technically called 'the bear market of '07-09' when the market averages drop was greater than 20%.  Back in the fall of 1998, Saturn and Neptune squared each other, and there was the Russian financial crisis.  It was huge, as the Ruble was devalued by 66%.  Back in October of 1989, Saturn and Neptune were conjunct, and we had the 'Friday the 13th mini-crash' caused by the failed leveraged buyout of United Airlines. These things always seem to happen in September or October oddly enough.

This fall, Saturn moves into Sagittarius and then is immediately within orb of squaring Neptune.  It squares it exactly in mid-November 2015. At the same time, Jupiter has moved into Virgo, and squares that Saturn by sign. These are double whammy indicators of a shaky economic market.

Now, as Mike Maloney has pointed out in his video, what has happened historically and what is likely to happen again, is that the price of precious metals will fall with the depressed stock market at the beginning, but then there will be a divergence. All of a sudden the price of gold and silver will start to move up quite quickly. I've given up on timing this really, since there are so many factors in play, but as I said before, this September to November are the months to watch for some changes to take place. 

If you've been doing your own research, then you know the stock market is way overdue for a huge correction.  All bubbles pop, as is the nature of bubbles. Its just a matter of when. This September also has the final eclipse of the Blood Moon Tetrad, as well as the Saturn shift into a new sign and squaring that Neptune, as well as Jupiter's shift into a new sign (August) and t-squaring the Saturn and Neptune signs.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

The 'heart' of Pluto - a message of Love

It was so amazing, that these new NASA pics of Pluto came down the EXACT SAME DAY that the Mars, Pluto and Mercury aspect was exact. No accident of course.  Mercury is the planet of communication, and there she was, showing us these pics of Pluto.

Even better, Pluto has a heart! A beautiful heart shaped area that happens to be right in the area facing earth. Since we all know that everything has meaning, and everything is a message from the Universe, then this looks like a wonderful message of love from the Universe.  Love is all there is anyway - everything else is just illusion.

                                                                              Pluto and her Moons

Notice how all the planets are named after Gods?  Back in Roman and Greek times, science and spirituality was one. They worked together, and the scholars were interested in how the planets affected the evolution of human beings.  'As above then so below'. The whole society understood the significance of planetary cycles and they they affected the human psyche.

                                                             What the Sun looks like from Pluto

Speaking of love messages, here's a video of a humpback whale blowing a rainbow out of its blowhole!  Image was caught in Southern California.

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Proof that your Thoughts Influence your Reality - the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto was a Japanese Scientist who worked with water and water crystals and studied the effects that different water crystals had on the body.

He would freeze water, and then examine the frozen water crystals under a microscope. What he found was extraordinary.  He found that the water crystals that were frozen from water that had been exposed to loving and kind thoughts or words, took on beautiful symmetrical shapes.  Water that was exposed to unkind or rude thoughts or words created ugly, asymmetrical and broken shapes.

Water exposed to the words 'love and gratitude' looked like this:

Water exposed to the word 'appreciation' looked like this:

He also found that water exposed to beautiful classical music exhibited beautiful symmetrical patterns, but water exposed to heavy metal music became misshapen and ugly and broken.  He also collected samples of water from different parts of the world.  Below is a sample of the water crystals from the toxic water from Fujiwara Dam.  And beside it is the beautiful symmetrical crystal that was created after prayer over the water for one hour.

Dr. Emoto did the famous rice experiment where he had 2 containers of rice. On one he wrote 'you fool', and on the other he wrote 'thank you.' He than instructed school children to say the labels on the jars out loud everyday when they passed them by.  After 30 days the rice in the container with positive thoughts had barely changed, while the other was moldy and rotten.

You can do these experiments yourself with any kind of food and see what happens.

The human body is 97% water, so you can imagine what will happen if the human body is subjected to less-than -loving thoughts and words, and what miracles can also happen when the body is exposed to loving and kind thoughts.  He found that drinking water that has been exposed to loving and kind thoughts has the power to heal.  The words that carried the strongest positive energy he found were 'love and appreciation', as well as 'gratitude;.

He then went on to figure out exactly which kinds of music healed which kinds of ailments.  I have his book called 'Water Crystal Healing'.  In it he has two CDs of beautiful well-known classical songs, and with each song he shows the image of the actual crystal that is formed from the song music, as well as what physical maladies it cures. For example, the song La Mer by Claude Debussy gives relief from depression and motivation to move forward, as well as improving immune function.  It's beautiful to listen to.  Or, Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky gives relief from rigidity and obsession as well as smoother joint movement.  Fascinating stuff.

I write the words 'love and appreciation' on my glass water bottles and then drink the water from them, knowing that my body is receiving the benefits from all the loving and kind crystals inherent in the water.

So, remember to say kind and loving things to yourself.  It does a body good!

Here's a few of Emoto's most popular books:

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner

There have been multiple reports coming out lately saying that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are headed towards divorce, some of them saying it's due to his cheating. The kicker came when he was spotted up in Nova Scotia, Canada on Jennifer's birthday without wearing his wedding ring when he was supposed to be filming down in Oklahoma. Some sources say they are already secretly separated.

Their astrological charts should tell us whether this is a possibility in the near future - Uranus, the planet of separation would likely be somewhere in the mix by transit or progression for them.  Sometimes Saturn or Pluto is in there too.

I remember before Tom Cruise announced that he was divorcing Nicole Kidman, I saw that they had a strong Uranus transit hitting both of them at the same time, Uranus transits don't always mean divorce, although it frequently does, so  I was wondering how it was going to manifest for them. And then they announced it. Uranus at its most extreme. Both Tom and Nicole and Venus in Leo, and Uranus in Aquarius came up and opposed both of their Venuses (love planet) at roughly the same time.

So, what's going on with the charts of Ben and Jen

Ben and Jen both have Cancer rising, which gives them great affinity with the chart of the USA, a Cancer Sun.  Americans like them. I've also noticed that many foreign-born celebrities that found success in the US usually had strong Cancer in their chart, as that sign resonates with the American public.

Ben is extremely likeable and good-looking with his well placed Venus in Cancer right on his Asc.  Angelina Jolie has this same placement actually.

Ben is in the middle of Saturn squaring his Mars. That's the aspect of feeling thwarted. And in a man's chart this can be quite literal with Mars representing his sex drive, so if there was any cheating going on, Saturn won't let him get away with it.  Oftentimes Saturn is represented by the other committed partner, or the spouse. The timing of this aspect lends me to believe that Ben was cheating and that he got caught.

At the same time, transiting Mars is coming up to conjunct his Saturn.  Double whammy Mars Saturn.  He's not getting away with much these days.

Venus is just now going over Ben's South Node. Venus represents his love life, and the South Node is asking him to let something go. Something, habit or attitude that is no longer serving him.

Ben also has Saturn paralleling his Moon this June.  A parallel is like a conjunction, so in effect its bringing restriction, or sadness to his domestic life.

So, where's Uranus in all this?  Ben's progressed Uranus has come up to almost conjunct his Juno, the asteroid of marriage. That does not bode well.

Jennifer has wounded Chiron exactly squaring her Moon right now.  This is a painful transit where she's forced to confront and deal with some sort of painful experience that could also be triggering an event from her past. Her Moon represents not only her emotional life, but also her home life. This transit could also point to this cheating rumour being true, and that she is navigating through a very painful time in her life. The Moon is also her chart ruler, so this transiting aspect if affecting her whole life.

It's not over for her. Transiting Pluto is squaring her Chiron.  Pluto is in her 7th house of relationships, and is aspecting that wounded healer Chiron.  This aspect lasts all year for her. This aspect denotes deep pain, as well as deep healing....eventually. Someone is challenging her and she is forced to find new ways to deal with the situation.

Jennifer has Saturn opposing her love planet Venus all next year as well, which usually means some sort of sadness, loss or disappointment in one's love life.

So, let's check their wedding chart.  They were married June 29, 2005. This again stands as the birth chart of their married life together.  Uranus will come up and conjunct their wedding chart Moon, which is likely around 21 or 22 degrees of Aries. That's a huge deal-breaker.  Uranus is going to conjunct it next spring, so of they do separate now, that could be when the divorce is finalized.

They do have strong Saturn aspects between them, and Saturn cements relationships, even though it doesn't make them easy. Jen has Moon in lighthearted Gemini, and Ben has Moon in deep and intense Scorpio.  Not a good match there, since Moon signs are probably the most important aspect between people who live together. That Moon in Scorpio speaks to Ben's addiction problems.  He's a deep guy, probably deeper than people realize. Jen actually has 4 planets in Gemini - Saturn, Venus, Mars and Moon, so she's pretty optimistic and upbeat most of the time, along with her positive Aries Sun.  Jen actually has ZERO planets in water, whilst Ben has both Venus and Moon in water, making him more emotional than she is.

Jen's North Node lies in Ben's 8th house.  She's here to help him deal with his issues  -  or at least she shines the light on them which more or less pushes him in the right direction. Just by virtue of being herself, she's pushing him to confront his demons.  Ben's North Node falls in Jen's 7th house of relationships, which is a very good sign for marriage. He supports her in working out any of her issues around relationships.

They have some good aspects between them for sure, but also some very difficult ones, especially the Moon signs.  Her Moon,Venus and Mars all fall on his Saturn, which is a long-term kind of aspect, and which demands lots of patience and endurance to work through all the hard times. But also a very push and pull kind of aspect. It's a control issue here, and not a fun aspect to have between partners.

I'd say that yes, it looks like they are going through a huge traumatic event in their married life right now. Absolutely for sure. Based on that Uranus hitting their marriage moon next year, it's not looking good.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Ian Somerhalder and Nikki Reed

What can I say, this couple intrigues me for some reason.  It was just all so out of the blue, and fast ! I always thought Ian was an incredibly good looking and sexy guy. Perfect typing to play a vampire too with all his Scorpio!

 Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder just recently got hitched on April 26th of this year. Nikki was previously married to American Idol alum Paul MacDonald from October 2011 to March of 2014 when they split. They were engaged after just two months of dating.

Nikki and Ian began dating in July of 2014 and they got engaged in January, and then married this April. They were engaged after 6 months of dating.

Too soon? Too fast? I'm inclined to think so. There seems to be a pattern here of jumping into engagements and marriage without getting to know someone well. Unless there's another reason that's more business oriented that the public doesn't know about. I know many actors and actresses date and hire beards to hide the fact that they are gay from the public. I'm not saying this is true here, but its certainly a popular practice in Hollywood. Or, sometimes people in Hollywood get hitched just to boost each other's career in some way - it's a limited contract. Who knows what the reason is - these two may really be into each other and in the throes of passion and love. They certainly do like to broadcast it though - tons of instagram pics. Many gossip columnists call them 'thirsty.'  A new phrase to me, but I get it. They seem to really want the attention.

So, what's going on with their charts?

Below is a comparison of their charts. Ian's natal chart is the inside wheel, and Nikki's chart is the outside wheel. This way you can see which planets aspect what.

Right off the bat you can see that Nikki's Pluto conjuncts Ian's Venus and Uranus conjunction in Scorpio. Holy smokers....and I mean that literally! That is one super hot aspect between two people. Super sexual, super exciting and I can see why they're into each other. Yep - hot.

Ian's Venus Uranus conjunction in Scorpio makes him perfect to play unpredictable and sexy Damon Salvatore.  Venus conjunct Uranus in Scorpio makes Ian quite sexy and unpredictable himself. This aspect is not known for being the 'settling down' type of energy. They love their freedom, and they seem to dig the rollercoaster of excitement when it comes to love and romance. Ian is also a Sag, which is also a very freedom loving sign. This aspect between Nikki and Ian is more about lust and excitement than it is about love.

Nikki's Uranus Saturn conjunction in Capricorn squares Ian's Moon in Aries.  Ruh roh. We usually see Saturn aspects between couples who are married for a long time as Saturn is the cement that is needed to hold people together. But Saturn square Moon? That's a tough one to navigate, as the Moon person usually ends up feeling like the Saturn person is too controlling or that they just can't make them happy. Or Ian may feel like Nikki is more like his mother than his wife.

Then, Nikki's Uranus squares his Moon.  That's another aspect of excitement and unpredictability.  It can feel very addictive and exciting and erotic at the beginning of a relationship, but it's very unstable and does not bode well at all for a marriage. Uranus aspects can be very separative. I'd say this aspect between them could be a deal breaker right there. 

Nikki's Neptune in Capricorn also squares Ian's Moon. Wow, Ian's moon is really getting nailed. This is the same idea...its all romantic and dreamy at the beginning, but when reality sets in it can just feel like he never really knew her at all. Neptune can cloak things and put them in a lovely rose coloured light. Or, it could be that Ian has Nikki on a pedestal, which of course means she will fall off one day.

Ian's Venus in Scorpio could possibly be trine her Venus in Cancer...except we don't know Nikki's time of birth. Her Venus might be in Gemini, which would'n't be that great.

Ian's Uranus also squares Nikki's Mars. Another aspect of excitement and up and down energies.  Again, there seems to be a lot of that between them. Not a good aspect to have for a long-term union. The couples who do well with Uranus aspects are couples who can channel this separative energy in a positive way. For example, say if one of the couple was an airline pilot and was away from home for long periods of time. That could be symbolic of Uranus. Or, a couple who engaged in highly unusual and exciting activities together - that could channel Uranus. Aside from these cases though, harsh Uranus aspects tend to be extremely hard to deal with, as this separative energy has to come out somehow.

Nikki's Taurus planets do reside in Ian's 7th house of marriage, so that's good. I don't know if its enough though.

There's lots more between them, but I like to get to the nitty gritty of Saturn and Uranus and Pluto to see what's really going on.  I can see that they are in the throes of lust and passion right now, which is awesome, but taking one's time before getting married may be prudent with all that Uranus floating around. The Uranus excitement will wear off eventually and then they'll see if they are meant to be.

Saturday, 2 May 2015

The astrology of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana - a bit of a rebel

                                                The BT Tower in London welcomed the news

Kate Middleton just gave birth today to a new baby girl!  Because of a recent change in the law that for centuries had put male heirs ahead of their sisters, the princess will hold her place in the line of succession.  She is now 4th in line to the throne, and bumps Uncle Harry into 5th place.

Her astrology chart is an interesting one, that's for sure.  We see themes in all the Royal natal charts - with Leo, the sign of royalty, usually being quite prominent in some way.  Princess Cambridge does not have Leo or the Sun in a super prominent position, but she does have Jupiter in Leo in her money house - she certainly should have good luck where finances are concerned throughout her life. Wherever Jupiter is situated in your chart, that's where blessings usually come quite easily.

She's a Taurus Sun, just like her Great Granny Queen Elizabeth, with a Cancer rising and a Libran Moon.  That Cancer rising gets along well with both her parents who both have Moon in Cancer, and William is also a Cancer Sun.  Diana was a Cancer Sun as well. Her Moon in Libra and Venus in Gemini make her inquisitive, curious and smart too. She'll be witty and social, and have a deep love of family and home, especially with her Moon in the 4th house.

Most of the royals have strong Saturn and/or Capricorn in their charts......this is because the Royal tradition is all about duty.  Prince George, her big brother, has got responsible Saturn in the first house, which shows duty will be all important to him.  Prince William has Saturn hitting his nodes (destiny points), Kate is super Saturn as her sign is Saturn ruled Capricorn, and she has it situated right at the top of her chart (public point) conjunct power player Pluto.  That girl is tough!  Her Sun also squares both Pluto and Saturn.  You don't mess with Kate.  Queen Elizabeth herself has Saturn positioned right at the top of her chart, just like Kate, and she is a Capricorn rising.  Prince Harry is also a Capricorn rising with Saturn at the top of his chart.

But new Princess Cambridge does not have a strong Saturn!!  In fact, she has a weak Saturn - it is retrograde, and its placed in a weak (cadent) house, the house of health, service and day-to-day work. This shows that duty and tradition are not big deals for her, although she will have a need for structured daily work, likely in the field of service. It also points to the possibility that she will not be in a position of power, which makes sense since her brother is the first in line. But still, even Prince Harry has a stronger Saturn that she does, and he's behind her in succession. This placement of a weak Saturn here does perhaps signify that she may have some health issues to deal with in her life.

We look to the 10th house of public duty, profession and reputation to see how the public will view her. She has the planet Uranus right at the top of her chart! Uranus is unpredictable, and she is likely to be seen as a bit of a maverick, going her own way, or perhaps of breaking with royal tradition in some way. That Uranus is also exactly square her Ascendant in Cancer. Double whammy Uranus- she's going to be going her own way and doing her own thing, and it may be against tradition. She could also be seen as someone ahead of her time and/or independent.  Pluto is the other big player in her chart, just as Uranus is, as both these planets create a Grand Cross in her chart, hitting her Moon and her Ascendant. This gives her an intensity, along with a powerful will and a deep wellspring of emotion. This can also make her a powerful force for change, especially considering her position in life. It can also make her a powerful healer too.

Her MC is also conjunct Chiron, the wounded healer. Either she will be known for helping to heal others in some way, or of being of service to them, or her own woundedness will be apparent to others.  Neptune is up there conjunct the MC as well - very compassionate and service oriented.

The Nodes are vitally important, as they show where one's destiny lies in one's chart, by sign and by position. The North Node shows where one is going, where one is aiming and where the Universe supports us as we strive towards this goal. The South Node is where we have already been, usually showing lessons we have already learned in a past life and what we need to let go of. The South Node can be a trap though, because its a place of familiarity for us and sometimes people tend to stay there because its easy. However, there's no joy when we stay stuck in the South Node, and the Universe keeps pushing us towards out North Node, which is where the joy and fulfillment lie.

Princess baby Cambridge has her South Node in the 10th house of public recognition, career and reputation.  Her North Node lies in the 4th house of home, hearth and family. Wow!  Her destiny does not lie in being in the public eye. She has the South Node there.  Famous astrologer Michael Lutin gave a good example of this position when I attended a seminar he gave years ago.  He said that having the South Node in the 10th house is like an actress who tries really hard to become famous, but they keep spelling her name wrong on the marquee.

Princess Cambridge is not likely to enjoy being in public eye much at all, or at least her destiny in this lifetime is to pull away from that. She has already done that in a past life. In this lifetime she's being supported to be more family oriented and deal with matters in a more private way.

Generally speaking, it looks to me like she will go against tradition and lead a life of service in a line of work that has great meaning for her, but which may be a bit controversial. For one thing her MC is in the sign of Pisces, which is very compassionate and caring. Chiron the wounded healer is prominent, showing that healing herself or others, or both will be part of her story and the public will be able to see that, even though being in the public eye is not her destiny.  It just sort of comes with the territory of being a royal, but I don't think she will be a ruler in any way. She also has career planet Saturn in her health and service house, and she has Cancer rising, which is also very sensitive.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Gardening by the Moon

It's that time of year again - time to start thinking about planting our gardens. Planting according to the cycles of the Moon helps to ensure our flowers are full and gorgeous and our gardens are healthy and abundant.

The energy for growth begins with the New Moon, increases as we go through the Crescent and First Quarter Moon, and then peaks at the Full Moon.   The actual day of the New Moon is still dark - there is no light yet, so its best to wait a couple of days before you start planting.

The basic rule of thumb is - start planting crops, flowers and vegetables that bear fruit above the ground a few days after the New Moon and right up until the Full Moon to get the healthiest vegetables, the biggest and most colourful flowers and the juiciest fruit. The days from the Full Moon to the next New Moon - when the Moon is decreasing in light- is best to plant bulbs or vegetables that bear fruit under the ground.   It's also best to do weeding when the Moon is decreasing in light. It's also a great time to mow the lawn so it grows more slowly - not to mention your own hair if you like to go long times between haircuts!

For a little extra growing oomph, try to plant under the most fertile signs of the Moon, which are Taurus and Cancer, and then also the other water signs and earth signs (Virgo not as much).

The planting season typically starts with the New Moon in Taurus, but this year 
we've got two opportunities for planting instead of just one.  Last year was much easier because the New Moon in Taurus fell in early degrees, giving us a very clear and defined planting period.  Typically this is what you want, a New Moon in fertile Taurus, and the two weeks following it are the best time to plant. 

This year is a bit different.  

We have two New Moons book-ending the Taurus planting period, the first of which is in late degrees of Aries.  Aries is typically not super for planting, but the Sun does move into fertile Taurus a few days later. The New Moon in Taurus falls very late this year, on May 17th, and its also at very late degrees.  I think this is nature's way of telling us that the planting period may fall later this year than normal...and judging by the brutal winter on the East Coast this may be so. Still, we will do the best with what we are given.

1) The first opportunity falls after the New Moon on April 18 which is at 28 degrees of Aries, but then the Sun moves into fertile Taurus on the 20th, just 2 days later.  This may be a bit early for some parts of the country, but, if you do want to get planting in April, the best days would be a few days after the April 18th New Moon so the moon has got some energy and light to it - The 23rd is lovely as the Moon is in Cancer that day, as well as the morning of the 24th. The Moon is in Libra on the 30th and May 1st. This isn't the most fertile sign of course since its an Air sign, but it is the sign that rules beauty!  It can be a good time to plant flowers when you want big gorgeous blossoms, or for plants that you want to be extraordinarily beautiful.

You've got right from April 23rd through to May 3rd to plant, when the Moon's light comes to its peak at the Full Moon.  The few days surrounding the Full Moon are okay too,  but once it starts to wane and lose its light, then there's no more energy for the plants to bear juicy fruit or grow big flowers or be hearty and strong.  May 3rd and 4th are fine too as the Moon is still in its Full Moon phase, and in the fertile water sign of Scorpio.

Some astrologers say that the few days just before the Full Moon are the best, since this is when the Moon has its most light, and this is when there is more groundwater available for the plants to use and to grow.   I've done it, and the plants do very well, but I also like to plant on the most fertile days as well when the Moon is in an earth sign or a water sign.  May 3rd and 4th are both good as they surround the Full Moon and are in the fertile water sign of Scorpio.

2) The second opportunity falls right after the New Moon in Taurus on May 17th, at 27 Degrees of Taurus.  As usual, wait a few days for the Moon to gain some light and then start planting on the 20th when the Moon is in fertile Cancer. May 20th and 21st are both great planting days.  The Moon goes into Libra on the 27th an 28th and morning of the 29th, giving you the extraordinarily beautiful blossoms. Weekend gardeners will do well with Sat the 30th and Sun the 31st as the Moon is in fertile Scorpio.  The Full Moon falls in June 2nd, so be sure to stop planting a few days after that date. 

The Void Moon calendar still applies - do not plant when the Moon is Void.  All the  rules for void phases apply to planting since the Moon is the most important planet when it comes to gardening. ( Click HERE for the April Void Moon Calendar).

Here are pics of flowers I planted last spring on my balcony, about a week after the New Moon in Taurus.

They did quite well - more pics of how they blossomed over time.


Happy planting!