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New Moon Magic - December 21 -25, 2014

                                                                                              Lights of Yule by Oshuna - Deviantart                             

The New Moon on December 21st at 5:35 pm PST is an extra powerful one, as it happens to fall on the Winter Solstice (or summer solstice if you live in the southern hemisphere).

The Winter Solstice, also called Yule, marks the time when the light starts to return as the days start to grow longer,  The Sun is at its lowest declination in the sky on this day.  It seemingly hovers there for a few days and then slowly increases in declination as it starts to rise in the sky again.  This is also said to be symbolized in the story of the resurrection of Jesus, as he (the Son) died for 3 days, and then was 'born again' on Christmas Day.

                                                                                           Here we go-a-wassailing

The Solstice Night was anticipated with much joy in Pagan times and they celebrated symbolic rituals to ensure the coming year was bountiful. There were bonfires and plenty of 'wassailing'.  Wassailing was a drinking ritual intended to ensure a good cider apple harvest the following year.  Eventually the drink itself became known as 'wassail.'  Wassail soaked pieces of bread or cake were buried in the trees roots or hung in its branches to feed the tree spirits and to ensure a good harvest.  Gifts of clove spiked apples and oranges were common, as apples and oranges represented the Sun.  They used evergreen boughs to represent immortality as evergreens did not die, and represented the eternal life of the Divine.

                                                                                    Bringing in the Yule Log

Holly sprigs were kept inside the doorway all year long as an invitation for good fortune to visit.  The ceremonial Yule log was a very big deal.  It was decorated with greenery, doused with cider and lit from a piece of an old log from the previous year.  The burning of the log represented the return of the light, or the newborn Sun. It was to burn all night and then smolder for 12 days before being put out.

New Moons are magical times.  The energies and lessons from the previous month are waning down and we are preparing for new beginnings and new energy to come into our lives.  The New Moon this year falling on the Winter Solstice accentuates the power of new beginnings.  This is pure Capricorn energy, which is wonderfully powerful for setting intentions of a practical nature.  Anything to do with work or money works with this energy.  Capricorn energy also supports us with anything that requires discipline and patience, such as adopting a healthier eating regimen or getting into a new exercise program.  Yes, the whole New Years Resolutions theme is very Capricorn in nature as we figure out how we can better improve our lives for the coming year.  Capricorn times are wonderful to begin habits or traditions that we want to last, as Capricorn has staying power.

One of the most powerful ways to use New Moon energy is to do some sort of a ritual or intention that involves writing down what you want to manifest in your life in the coming months.  You can really do rituals any way you want to - some people write down the list of what they want to manifest and keep it tucked away somewhere. Keep your list somewhere that you can see now and again. Some people take a few moments to get clear and simply verbalize it - don't forget the spoken word has incredibly strong energy.

Doing a ritual involves invoking powers greater than ourselves, such as God, Goddess, Archangels, Angels or even elementals to help us achieve our aims. One could also use animal totems or animal medicine.  The goat is the totem animal for Capricorn - sure footed on the steep mountain slopes.  Goat medicine also denotes seeking new heights and agility.

We don't have another Winter Solstice New Moon again until 2033 - another 19 years.  Use this opportunity to consciously control where you want your life to go.

The window of opportunity is a few days - the New Moon is at 5:35 PST on Dec 21st here in Vancouver, but the New Moon phase lasts right through to Christmas Day morning when the Crescent Moon phase begins.  Wow - what a wonderful day to do a ritual!!   Emotions are usually running high for most people this time of year as memories from Christmases past kick in.  One could channel this emotional energy into intentions for the future to give them even extra oomph.

One yummy way to incorporate a ritual for abundance in the coming month and year is to do what people have been doing for centuries - bake a delicious Yule Log Cake!

The yule log has been imbued with positive energy for centuries - abundance and light and fertility and hope for the future.  We can tap into those energies when we use Yule log symbolism in our own lives. It's all about intention, right?  Just set your intentions for what this yule log cake signifies for you, decorate it with what has meaning for your intentions, and then eat it!!  Along with some delicious wassail of course.

Here is a recipe for traditional Wassail :

Traditional Wassail Recipe

from Here

  • 3 12oz bottles of ale
  • 1 bottle of red wine (I used a shiraz)
  • 10 whole cloves
  • 10 whole allspice berries
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • a thin slice of fresh ginger
  • 1/2 t freshly grated nutmeg
  • two or three apples, cored and chopped
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
Chop enough apples to fill the bottom of an 8x8 pan.  Sprinkle with the brown sugar, pour the half-cup of water in the dish,  and bake at 350 for around 45 minutes.  You want those apples nicely roasted, so they release their juices and create these amazing caramel apple flavors.  Don't skip this step--it adds such amazing flavor and complexity to the finished wassail. While the apples are roasting, pour beer in a large saucepan on the stove. Add a bottle of red wine. Heat over a very low flame while the apples are roasting.
When the apples have finished roasting, pour the chunks of apple and all those delicious juices into the spiced wine and beer mixture.  Keep warm over the stove (or in a crock pot) until ready to serve.  

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My Maui Trip

This is not an astrology post, but it's astrology related since I did win this trip to Maui using astrology.

I wrote out a little trip blog including pics and a few videos as well.

Check it out here

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December Horoscopes

               My December Horoscopes are up.  Click HERE to get yours !!

December Void of Course Moon Table

For those of you who want to know about what Void moon phases are and how they work, click Here

All times in PST

Dec 2  6:42 pm - 9:15 pm

Dec 4  10:45 pm - Dec 5 2:28 am

Dec 7  1:52 am - 9:34 am

Dec 9  4:14 pm - 7:14 pm

Dec 12  4:48 am - 7:19 am

Dec 14  6:11 pm - 8:05 pm

Dec 16  9:40 pm - Dec 17  6:52 am

Dec 19  1:11 pm - 1:55 pm

Dec 21  4:35 am - 5:25 pm

Dec 22  7:17 pm - Dec 23 6:52 pm

Dec 25  7:11 am - 8:07 pm

Dec 27  7:44 am - 10:35 pm

Dec 29  4:46 pm - Dec 30 2:56 am

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440 Hertz Music - a way to detune us from nature's 432 Hz harmonics?

Most music played nowadays is at 440 Hz.  But, recent discoveries of the vibratory/oscillatory nature of the Universe show that this may cause stress, unstable emotions and negative behaviours.

432 Hz,is mathematically consistent with the Universe.  Music based at 432 Hz transmits healing energy because it is the pure tone of nature.

There is a theory that 432 Hz was changed to 440 Hz by the Nazis, to make people think and feel a certain way.  Then in 1940 the US adopted it too, and now its the standard.

How do we get back to the natural 432 Hz of healing music?  Most classic music is at 432Hz.   Even iTunes is now selling an app that will convert your music to 432 Hz.  iTunes 432 Hz app

There are some YouTtube videos with music at 432Hz that you can listen to whilst doing things around the house and receive healing at the same time.
Here's one example.

You can read the original article HERE giving many more specifics of this amazing healing tool available to us all.

Also watch the YouTube video's absolutely astounding showing the power of sound frequency.

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Saturn in Sagittarius Dec 24, 2014 - Dec 21, 2017

                                                                                        Father Time by Edmund Dulac 1906

Saturn, sometimes known as Father Time, finally leaves the sign of Scorpio where he's been for the last 2.5 years, and enters the sign of Sagittarius on Christmas Eve.   Finally!  It's been a rough couple of years for most people.

Saturn is the planet that pushes us to take responsibility - to step up to the plate and to better ourselves in some way.  Saturn in our natal chart represents what we most fear and where our greatest challenges will lie, and in turn also represents where we will see the most growth.  Saturn shows what we take seriously ! 

Saturn in Scorpio for the past 2.5 years has caused all of use to dig deeper. Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death, rebirth, excavation, sex and of healing. Many people experienced a loss of something/someone, or an ending of some kind.  I myself lost my dear Dad.  Saturn in Scorpio forced many of us to confront our darker sides - our fears, our addictions and our shadow self in order that we may bring these driving forces to light into order to be healed.  Some are in that process right now, and as Saturn sojourns through his last 4 weeks in Scorpio, many will finally make that breakthough !

This is true for institutions as well.  In the Vatican church Pope Francis has brought the rampant pedophilia abuses to light, and these people are now being held accountable, and in some cases arrested. Saturn brings burdens and responsibilities in whatever area of your chart that he is transiting at the time. He makes us accountable for our actions.  The Bill Cosby rape scandal is an example of Saturn in Scorpio - his alleged rapes (Scorpio) of 18 women over the decades are now coming to light and he is being held accountable.  The woman involved can finally move closer to healing (Scorpio).  Also here in Canada Jiam Gomeshi was recently fired from his job as a host on CBC radio for several allegations of sexual assault and of choking. He has since been charged with  4 counts .  Here are two examples of men who held power and positions of authority (Saturn), who abused it and others (Scorpio), and are now being held accountable (Saturn).

Saturn can also bring rewards too though - you reap what you sow.  In that sense Saturn represents Karma.  Saturn also is the great Manifester.  He brings things down to earth by making you focus in a practical way.

So, what does it mean when Saturn moves into the sign of Sagittarius for all of us in a general sense?  Saturn enters Sagittarius on Christmas Eve of this year, and stays there for 3 years !! Sagittarius is a lighter sign than Scorpio.  It's a fire sign with an optimism for life and a glass-is-half-full attitude.  Sagittarius also represents religion, preaching, higher education, gurus, traveling, idealism, publishing and the legal system.  Sag has vision and likes to look outward and see what's coming down the pike  He's not as good in the here and now, because that's a little boring.  He likes to talk about what could happen, as the world is full of endless possibilities and potentials.

When Saturn enters the sign of Sagittarius, things/ideas that are Sagittarian-ruled come under scrutiny.  Saturn demands answers and he wants things to be done by the book. Saturn doesn't let anything slide.  If something isn't being done according to proper cosmic law, then we are going to see an accounting. Religions are going to be questioned and held up to the microscope.  It will be the very ideaology of religion that will be questioned.  Organized religion and spirituality are very different things, and I expect that organized religion will be going through a questioning and a restructuring period as more and more people finally realize that what they've been told to be 'gospel' may not be the whole truth.  Astrology was a big part of the original Bible teachings, but it was edited out in the Council of Nicea in 300 AD.  They didn't want the people to have that much power.   David Wilcock talks a lot about astrology in the Bible - have a look at some of his youtube videos or read his book The Synchronicity Key.

Writing and publishing comes into vogue.  Everyone is going to want to start writing their memoirs and have them published.  You know how everyone says they have a book they want to write one day - this is the time period when they may actually get to work and do it!

Education will be a big focus.  People will want to get degrees, certificates or some sort of credentials to prove that they know what they're talking about or are qualified to do what they do. Many people will be going back to school.

The whole legal system is also going to be held up to new standards. New laws may be imposed upon lawyers or courts, and due process will be given more scrutiny.  Everything has to be done by the book!

Sagittarius is the sign of beliefs systems, ethics and morals, and Saturn represents authority figures.  We may see certain authority figures start to preach about how they think we should be living our lives - because their standards are the only right standards in their opinion.    Sag energy, in its less than positive form, can be very preachy and judgmental, so be wary of these types over the next 3 years. We will likely see quite a few of them.

Sagittarius is interested in ideals and concepts, so in personal relationships we want to know if we are compatible in our ideals with our partners.  Do we have the same belief systems?  If you're not on the same page that way, chances are you're really going to feel it.  Even if it wasn't a deal breaker before, it could be now.

Generally speaking, Saturn will help people bring their dreams, visions, goals or hopes down into practical reality.  Sagittarius is depicted by the Centaur with his bow and arrow - aiming at some far off distant goal.  If your dream or goal has been pie in the sky and you've hoped that it would just magically manifest one day, Saturn will help you get real with the details in a practical way.  This is the time when you'll receive celestial support to get crystal clear and focused on what you really want to do with your life!

Aries:  Saturn is positively aspecting your sign, helping you to stabilize and ground your energies, at the same time that Jupiter is positively aspecting your sign well.  With this lovely Grand Triangle going on carrying you through, you can pretty much accomplish anything your heart desires.  The key is figuring out what it is that want enough to put action into making it happen.

Taurus:  There could be some challenges or questions around how you spend/invest shared resources and assets.  You may decide to restructure your current arrangement.  Whilst the bankers may be picky with the details, it's still a very positive time to look into real estate and apply for a mortgage.

Gemini:  Your primary relationships come under scrutiny at this time.  Are your needs being met?  Partners may come across more like parents, and if so it's showing you where you need to take your power back.  The only person with authority over you, is you!  Singles may decide to take the plunge and commit.

Cancer:  Work, health and your daily routine come under scrutiny.  It's a fantastic time to finally drop that bad habit and adopt a healthier new one. Finances improve when you restructure your work or work schedule in a way that works better for you.  Your health can be impacted by a work schedule that is too heavy or that is not fulfilling enough.  But, Saturn can also help you figure out what your true calling really is.

Leo: Lucky Jupiter in your sign continues to protect you and bring you blessings right through to the summer of 2015.  Saturn could bring new responsibilities or even challenges around children, or it could bring you happy news of a pregnancy.  This is a fantastic time to get a business venture off the ground.

Virgo: You're building up a more solid foundation under your feet, on both an emotional, financial and physical level. Saturn helps you to get more clarity around what it is that truly makes you feel secure  - may not be it! Your inner life and your intuition will play a major role in your future choices. You realize the impact that emotions have on your physical well being.

Libra:  Communications are a big deal.  This is a fantastic time to take on a heavy writing project, a teaching gig or somehow share what you know with others. Your words carry weight now, and you could be seen as an authority on a particular subject.  Siblings can be challenging, but at the same time you get more clarity into their motivations.  It can actually bring you closer together in the end!

Scorpio:  Saturn leaving your sign can feel like a breath of fresh air!  The burden is lifted and you're transported into a brand new're a brand new YOU!  You're busy and happy at work, but at the same time you may need to put effort into making sure that you get paid what you're worth.  It's a great time to ask for a raise, but you may need to show 'em what you've got.

Sagittarius: Saturn in your sign certainly raises the bar.  You'll be taking on new responsibilities and challenges over the next 3 years. Many Saggys will take a new direction in their career, or decide what area it is that they really want to devote time and energy to.  Travel is a definite possibility, and it could be work-related.

Capricorn:  You become more aware of your own inner unconscious motivations.  Fears that hold you back may become more apparent, allowing you to deal with them in a conscious way. This will be a time where you can finally slay your inner dragons. Joint enterprises can be a lucrative source of wealth.

Aquarius: You're more discerning with your criteria for 'friendship.'  Your bar is raised when it comes to friends and their support of you and you may become aware of someone who may not really be there for you.  You may have known this all along, but now its just not going to fly.  At the same time, any new friendships you make now tend to be very long-lasting.  A new love relationship is likely to have its roots in platonic friendship.

Pisces: You're moving up the ladder of success, but you're also taking on new responsibilities at the same time.  Don't let any old fears or doubts hold you back.  Roll up your sleeves, dive in and give it your best shot - Saturn always rewards real effort.

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The Synchronicity Key

      The Synchronicity Key: The Hidden Intelligence Guiding the Universe and You

This is one of the most exciting books I've read in a long time.   We've all had synchronicity happen in our lives...what does it really mean ?  What does it mean when the clock always says 4:44 every time you look at it ?  Deja vu too. What's really going on there?  David Wilcock is amazing because he blends metaphysics, spirituality and science all together into one nice little cohesive package.

      "Synchronicity is an ever present reality for those who have eyes to see"
                                                     Carl Jung

The most exciting thing about this book is that he talks a fair bit about astrology, but he also has groundbreaking information.  He gives us stuff that you won't find in any ordinary textbook.  He has made new discoveries on the astrological frontier, which are really quite ancient in origin, but new to us you might say.  He proves how everything in our lives is not only connected, but how it influences everything else.  Besides astrology, he goes into depth about karma and reincarnation.  Yes, there is indisputable proof that reincarnation is real, and he provides it.

I've always been on the lookout for synchronicities in my life, but after reading this book, my mind was blown.  Now I'm seeing them more and more, and as he has noted, once you start noticing them, they start appearing with even more frequency.

David goes into detail about the 'cycles' of life and of history, which of course is what all astrology is based on.  We've all heard about the Ages of Astrology, such as the Age of Aries, then the Age of Pisces which began at the time of Christ, as well as the Age of Aquarius which we are now starting.   These Ages of the zodiac are exactly 2, 160 years in length.  Exactly.  

We also have what is known as 'The Great Year', which is the complete cycle of all 12 of these Astrological Ages.  12 Ages at 2,160 years each gives us the Great Year of 25,920 years.

What David has found, through the work of other scientists as well as himself, is that history repeats itself through these cycles.  The names may change, and the place too, but the events are astonishingly similar.  And these events happen exactly 2, 160 years from when they first event happened.  Often to the day, or within a few days.  And based on history, you can predict the outcomes of these events.  That's where it gets interesting.

The zodiac cycle is causing events from Roman history to reappear in the United States exactly 2, 160 years later.  Like, the end of the Roman-Syrian War corresponded exactly to the end of the Vietnam War.

In 187 BC, a scandal began brewing around the Roman consul Scipio Africanus. He was found and charged to have accepted secret bribe payments from the enemy and was caught  in a treasonous lie.  He was disgraced and he was forced to resign and retreat to his estate.  187 BC corresponds exactly to a specific date in 1973 in modern times.  What happened on that date in 1973 in the US? Richard Nixon had the Watergate scandal surrounding him, was caught in a treasonous lie, and then he resigned and retreated.

September 11, 2001 corresponds quite accurately to an event much earlier in the cycle.  There are so many examples I can't post them all here, but they are fascinating, including Joan of Arc, Jimmy Carter, Hitler, Hannibal, and current leaders as well.   He also found that you can also use half cycles and even quarter cycles to find repeats.  One quarter cycle of 2, 160 years is 540 years, and he has found that again, there are some astonishing repeats of what happened to the day 540 years ago.

What's most interesting is what is going on now in our modern times.  It relates exactly to what was going on exactly 2,160 years ago.  It looks like this time though, the ending is already changing...for the better.

What he has found, is that end of the Great Year, the full 21, 920 year cycle,  is when a new Golden Age begins, an era that will usher in of age of peace and harmony.  And guess when this Great Year ends?  Yep.....right now.  We are now at the end of this large 25, 920 year cycle.  We have come full circle.  The Mayan Calendar and the Ages of the Zodiac calendar converge on the end date of the Great Year. And he describes exactly what that means for each of us.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Pyramids - use them to heal, or to make wine!

I had to tell you guys about this one!  I'm sure many of you have heard about pyramid energy, and the incredible healing results that result from sitting under a pyramid, or even placing objects under a pyramid.  The chemical composition of things actually change, and toxins are rendered powerless.  One feels calm, alert and has more energy.

Well, Summerhill Winery in Kelowna, BC uses pyramids to age their wine!   They age the wines for 30 days under a pyramid, and they noticed a distinct difference in the resulting wine.  I wonder if the wine becomes an actual healing elixir.  I'm certainly willing to find out!

Summerhill Pyramid

I've linked David Wilcock's video below - start watching at the 18:45 mark through to the 28:00 min mark to hear more specifics of what pyramids can do.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sean Penn and Charlize Theron - an awful lot of Leo

These two intrigue me for some reason. Maybe because they just don't seem to fit together? Or maybe that's just me.

For one thing, they're both Leos.  Of course you don't judge relationships based on Sun signs alone, but they do have impact for sure.  Two Leos together is definitely not a couple that you see a lot of.   One of those Leos needs to be the star, so who's it gonna be?  If one Leo is more introverted and one more extroverted it might be easier, but here we have two people who both are used to being 'the star', so I would think that could create friction.  A fight to the finish you might say.  Sean Penn was married to another famous Leo a while ago - Madonna.  And we all know Madonna has to be the star.

Sean and Charlize are both super Leos in fact, as both have 3 planets in Leo each, and they both have Venus in Virgo.

So, what's the attraction?  Usually in romances that take off fast and then break up quickly, we see hard aspects between Venus and Mars and Uranus, and sometimes Pluto.  Uranus is exciting and unpredictable and fascinating.  It's like being on a rollercoaster.  You're up, and then you're down.  Usually the excitement wears off quickly and then people break up. And yep, these two have some of that Uranus going on.

Sean's Uranus and Sun conjuncts Charlize's Sun, and also squares her Mars. That's excitement right there, and passion.  Charlize has Mars in Taurus, which can be stubborn at the best of times and then Sean's Uranus Sun combo comes along and challenges that.  When someone with Mars in Taurus is challenged, they just dig their little hooves in and refuse to budge.  In the longer term, or after some of the excitement has died down a bit,  I would think that he would drive her a little bit crazy because he would challenge her 'way of doing things'.

Her Neptune also squares his Venus, which is very romantic and heavenly for a while.  He may be seeing her as an ideal of what he wants, but its largely based on fantasy. At some point reality sets in.   Even more importantly, her Neptune conjuncts his Ascendant!  He cannot see any of her flaws since Neptune blurs all of that.  I would think he most likely has her up on a pedestal.  This is a very romantic and floating on air kind of aspect -  at least for a while. This can be very good for artistic collaboration too.

They have some good stuff, like her Moon in Leo on his Sun in Leo, and they both have Mercury in Leo which means they're on the same wavelength.  His Jupiter also trines her Leo planets, which makes her feel good about herself and she feels supported.

Venus and Mars are the love and sex planets, and her Venus conjuncts his Pluto, which makes for hot sex.  Her Venus squares his Mars, which again makes for intensity and drama in love and romance, but it is as aspect of irritation in the long run.

Charlize's Pluto squares his Saturn, and squares his Moon in Cancer.   Sean's going to feel the brunt of that Pluto and could feel 'controlled' by Charlize.  At the beginning of a relationship her Pluto hitting his Moon could feel quite thrilling and exotic, and emotionally intense.  This could make for a lot of emotional drama between them, and battles of will as well.  On top of the Uranian excitement, we have the drama of the Pluto.

Charlize has only one planet in the water element, and that is Saturn.  I've always got a bit of a frosty vibe from her, so this explains a lot.  Low or no water element means there is not a lot of comfort in the emotional realm, and with Saturn as the only planet in water, the water energy has to siphon out through Saturn, which could make her rather emotionally repressed.  This wouldn't sit well with Sean who has his Moon in Cancer.  He wants to be nurtured and babied and to feel very emotionally secure.   Her Saturn in Cancer is in the same sign as his Moon, but they're not quite conjunct.  Still, being in the same sign means they will still feel the energy.  Sean has a Moon Saturn opposition natally, so he never felt that he got the kind of nurturing that he needed from at least one of his parents.  So, he is replaying that aspect out again by finding someone who's Saturn hits his Moon - amplifying his natal aspect.   He again may feel that he's not getting the kind of nurturing or emotional support from Charlize that he really needs.  She's more of a 'deal with it and carry on' kind of person I would think.  I do know she had a horrific childhood in that she witnessed her alcoholic father physically attack her mother and threaten both of them whilst drunk, and then her mother shot and killed her father in self defence,  Her mother faced no charges.
Her Saturn in Cancer makes sense here as well, where she herself was denied some nurturing as she grew up and as she had to deal with an alcoholic father. Actually Saturn in Cancer (her) is very similar energy to Saturn oppose the Moon (him).  They likely both felt a lack of nurturing or emotional security when younger and that could be one of the shared bonds between them.

Saturn always shows what we take very seriously.  In Cancer, she takes emotions very seriously, which actually gives her an edge as an actress.  She has won numerous awards and it shows that she can make a career (Saturn) out of acting emotional (Cancer).

According to the Magi, there must be some strong flowing Chiron aspects between two charts if people are to be in a happy long term union or a marriage. They have one decent Chiron aspect - her Chiron contra-parallels his Neptune. It's not perfect as its a contra-parallel (similar to an opposition), but it does speak to the fantasy and romance in the relationship.

Right now Neptune is trining Sean's Moon, so he's in lovey dovey land, and Pluto is trining his Venus, so he's definitely into it right now.  Right now, Charlize has Jupiter hitting her Sun and Moon whilst Uranus is trining her  Sun.  This can play out in two ways - lots of freedom and joy and moving outward and onward and upward with Sean, or freedom and joy by moving away from him.  Jupiter expands our world, but often times it can mean we move away from people. Uranus transits are usually aspects of liberation and separation, although it is a trine so its flowly and will be less problematic.  I have no idea which scenario it will be.  Because we don't have an accurate birth time for her, I can't tell which houses are triggered.

Right now Jupiter is conjunct Sean's Mercury, which rules his 7th house of relationships.  He's feeling good about things right now.  Saturn is going to come up and square his Sun Uranus conjunction in November, so we'll see how that plays out.

This will be interesting to watch!

Saturday, 30 August 2014

'This Should Clear EVERYTHING Up! - Science + Prophecies - Event Horizon

David Wilcock, often called the modern day Edgar Cayce, is a professional lecturer, filmaker and researcher of ancient civilization, consciousness science and new paradigms of matter and energy. He's written many books, the most famous being the bestselling ''. The Source Field Investigations:   By the way, David was offered an honorary doctorate for that book for the material he presented about DNA and quantum physics.

A whole book has been written about how David Wilcock is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce, called 'The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce.  For one thing, they look remarkably similar.  Edgar Cayce is on the left and David is on the right.

For another, their work is remarkably similar as well, although David is more of an intellectual.  And, the kicker, is that their astrological charts are practically identical!

Cayce - March 18, 1877 Hopkinsville, Kentucky  3pm
Wilcock  - March 8, 1973  11:16 pm Schenectady, New York

The both have -  Sun in Pisces,  Moon at the EXACT same degree of 13 Taurus, Mercury in Pisces, Venus in Pisces, Mars in Capricorn, born in the Chinese Year of the Ox, and both are Scorpio risings.

Astrologer Brian McNaughton has studied these charts and said that " if we simply look at the probability of having all the personal planets in the same sign, both entities born in the Year of the Ox, and the Moon being at exactly the same degree in both charts, the chance of all these circumstances occurring randomly are hundreds of thousands to one, if not millions to one"   David himself addresses this topic in the videos as well.

David gives an amazing and fascinating 3 part lecture called :

 'This Should Clear EVERYTHING Up! - Prophecies + Science - Event Horizon

This lecture is one of the most fascinating and exciting I've ever heard in many years, and I wanted to pass this along.  There are 3 in total.

David Wilcock covers many fascinating subjects, including Russian Pyramid Technology -  the Russians have built massive pyramids out of PVC pipe and fiberglass. They found if you build one of these huge pyramids over an oil well, they got 25% more oil. They found amazing healing results - if you put a poison under the pyramid, the actual chemical makeup of that poison changes and is no longer toxic to the body. Carcinogens had no effect under the pyramid. Earthquakes in the area stopped, and storms completely diminished.

He also talks about Atlantis (it was found in 2002, and National Geographic was all ready to explode the story, but it got squelched by the powers that be.).  He also talks about the planetary energetic grid system and ley lines (energy lines) around the world and the effects on people who live there. Hawaii is right on one of the nodes, and Hawaii has one of the lowest rates of Cancer in the world.  It's an amazing technology. The whole east coast of North America is feeding off of on strong energy ley line and energy node.  West Coast too.  He goes into the truth behind crop circles, and so much, much MORE.   I highly recommend these 3 videos - you won't want them to end!




Friday, 22 August 2014

Structures and moving objects found on Mars via NASA images.

In honour of the Mars Saturn conjunction this week, I thought I'd post an amazing video showing actual structures built on Mars.  Structures and dwellings are ruled by Saturn, and here are pics of these Saturn like things on the actual planet Mars.

There's also a couple of videos showing some sort of live animal, sort of like a rodent, or maybe its a rover robot of some sort.  Mind blowing stuff.

Scott Waring pours over NASA videos from Google earth and has found some amazing details.  Things the normal person would never really find, unless you spent hours looking at these NASA images.
Here is one showing an actual thing, or rock, or animal, moving on Mars!   It's pretty cool and worth watching IMO.

Here's the one showing structures built on Mars

And another showing an animal of some sort...or something that looks like one.

Enjoy - in honour of MARS!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Supermoons - Aug 10th Full Moon

                                         SuperMoon from New Zealand 2012 (Photo : Flickr / Robin Ohia)

So, what is a SuperMoon?  It's a phrase coined by astrologer Richard Nolle, referring to when the Moon comes extremely close to the earth.   There are 4 to 6 SuperMoons per year on average, with some being more extreme than others.  SuperMoons fall during New or Full Moon times, and this Sunday Aug 10th is a SuperMoon Full Moon!  In fact, this will be the closest SuperMoon of the year.

During SuperMoons, the typical lunar responses become more pronounced, or even extreme.  Don't forget that the term 'lunacy' comes from the word Lunar. We feel much more emotional than usual, our tempers are short and we're more sensitive on all levels.

These SuperMoon forces act on tides making them bigger and more extreme, they pull on the earth's crust and they of course have huge impact on the big bag of water called the human body as well.  According to Richard, this is the time of greatest seismic activity on earth.  We have had the most extreme earthquakes and volcanic eruptions under SuperMoons.  There can be extreme tides, flooding, and an increase in powerful storms with mega precipitation.

Right on cue we see that Hawaii is in line for two separate hurricanes. Hurricane Julio and Iselle are in line to hit Hawaii later today, one right after the other. Although strong, Iselle is not a major hurricane, it looks like Julio might be.   This Full Moon falls right on Hawaii's Uranus - the planet of sudden disruption and unexpected events.  It hits their Mercury too.  We're  in the window of that Sun Mercury square Saturn event, which is exact tomorrow, and this would certainly count as a Saturnian event, with Saturn squaring Hawaii's Uranus.
CBC Hawaii Hurricanes

This SuperMoon Full Moon on Aug 10th happens to fall in the sign of Aquarius. This is an interesting dynamic, as Aquarius is a non-emotional sign.  Aquarius Moon energy is more rational and logical and likes to keep emotions at bay. Under pressure, this can lead to sudden and extreme outbursts by those who are not the emotional type.  I see this in people who have a lot of air in their chart, especially Gemini and Aquarius Moon types.  Emotions are not that easily expressed, and then they build up and all of a sudden come tumbling out in a chaotic or extreme way.   We may see this happen under this SuperMoon energy.  People will want to be cool and logical, but the pressure builds and has to come out somehow. 

The Moon looks 12% larger and 30% brighter in the sky when its a SuperMoon, and this effect is maximized when its close to the horizon.  Try to get a look!

Head over to the US Naval Observatory's website to check local times for the Supermoon in your area.  

Monday, 21 July 2014

Jupiter in Leo July 2014 - July 2015

Jupiter moved into Leo on July 16th. Jupiter is the planet that wants us to grow, to expand and to reach for the stars.  He rules higher education, the law, international travel, philosophy, not to mention just having a really good time.   He's a party animal, that one.  Everything to excess, he always says.   Growth and expansion are his thing, and not just on the mental level either. Jupiter is usually around when women get pregnant and expand on the physical level.  He's also around when people gain weight (typically when Jupiter hits the Ascendant).  For the most part, Jupiter brings opportunity and he helps us to feel confident in ourselves.

Jupiter's sign sets the trend for the coming year.   It shows what will be in favour, and also what industries will expand.  Business astrologers say to invest in business and industries that represent whatever sign Jupiter is transiting in, because their profits will increase.

So, what will be in favour in the coming year?   The entertainment industry, amusement parks, gambling, holidays, games, recreation, stockbrokers, golf,  RVs and of course GOLD.  Leo rules theatre and drama and vibrant coloured clothing, especially gold and orange.  Bling is going to be trendy.  Leo also rules kids, and acting like a kid too. This is the year to have fun and to follow your heart - yes,  Leo rules the heart.  Romance will be BIG, and things that cater to romance will be big too.  Everyone wants to fall in love when Jupiter is in Leo, and many people will.

Think about the Lions in the wild - they sleep 23 hours a day and hunt for 1.  Most Leos I know love to sleep in.  With Jupiter in Leo, the trend may be to slow down a little, or to take more time for ourselves.  What do I want, what do I need?  It'll be okay to be lazy and to enjoy life.  Leisure activities of all kinds will be trendy.

Pure Leo energy is extroverted, and this is the sign of self-expression and creativity. There's a stronger need for attention now too.  Leo likes to be on stage, so people are going to want to be seen and recognized and most importantly they want to feel appreciated.  Those who are not feeling appreciated in their relationships are going to be speaking up.

Jupiter in Leo is very generous.  Generous of heart, time and also pocketbook.  It can be extremely easy to be too generous with Jupiter in this sign; he is the planet of excess after all.  So, just know that you may be feeling rather 'spendy' over the coming year.  Jupiter makes you feel enthusiastic about whatever sign he's in, and Leo energy doesn't want to care too much about budgets or restrictions - Leo is the sign of royalty and he wants the best of the best and he'll spend top dollar to get it!  Buying gifts for others can trigger this urge to splurge, as well as gifts for oneself of course.  

Pregnancy and having babies were in vogue when Jupiter was in Cancer, but now that Jupiter is in Leo, its toddlers and kids that will be in vogue.  We'll be hearing more about holidays catering to kids, much like Disneyland, which of course appeals to the big kid in all of us.

Speaking of places, Hawaii will be big in the coming year, as it was born in the sign of Leo, and Jupiter will make it more popular. Hard to believe, as its likely one of the most popular places around here already.  Expect tourism to Hawaii to grow even more this year.

India is also a Leo Sun sign, with an amazing 6 planets in Leo, so something about India is going to become quite popular or trendy over the next year.  India has just elected a new Prime Minister - Nahendra Modi .  He is pro-business, and his party won the most decisive victory the country has seen in more than a quarter century and sweeping the long-dominant Congress party from power.  Perhaps this new leader will somehow be a part of this Jupiter trend of growth, expansion and popularity. India is a super Leo, so of course it makes sense that they love Leo things, such as Gold.  India is also well known for other Leo things, such as their own hugely successful Bollywood industry, and for their colourful bright saris

I just read that Modi is thinking about re-monetizing gold (making it legal tender) since so many people in India have it already. Gold is already legal tender in about 8 different states in the US already.

Actually, Jupiter in Leo could very well represent Gold becoming re-monetized in other countries as well, since Jupiter is that planet that rules expansion, growth, popularity, prosperity and affluence.  It's now in the sign that rules Gold.  The re-monetization of Gold will at least be a subject of interest this year, or perhaps there will be a Global Currency Reset this year, with new currencies being backed by Gold.  There certainly has been a lot of talk about it, and Christine LaGarde of the IMF did specifically say in her speech earlier this year that there has to be 'a reset in the area of monetary policies" in the world.  She also said that monetary policies need to be reformulated, possibly of a different kind than we have now, or have had previously.  She said there needs to be a financial sector reform - it needs to be reset.  She also said there needs to be structural reforms in all markets.  She says there needs to be a re-set in many different areas, so I would not be surprised if a Global Currency Reset is part of their criminal agenda.     Christine LaGarde and Global Currency Reset

Leo represents royalty, so there may be a resurgence of interest in the monarchies around the world.  Perhaps the Royal Family will become more popular.  Prince Charles and Camilla are both Leo risings, and Queen Elizabeth has her Moon in Leo.  Perhaps they will be seen as more generous or magnanimous over the coming year.

Leo is also a fire sign, and with Jupiter here is could mean an excess of heat, or possibly of forest fires.  We should expect temperatures to be higher than expected.   Today the Vancouver Sun reported that British Columbia is on track for one of the worst fire seasons in a decade.  Vancouver Sun

Jupiter in Leo is squaring Saturn in Scorpio this fall and winter. The square doesn't become exact this year, but still, Saturn will be putting some limits on Jupiter's love of excess.  Saturn represents challenges, limits, authorities and repercussions. You reap what you sow, so if you do go to excess in some area of your life, you may have to account for it in some way.

Gold is ruled by Leo, and Jupiter in Leo symbolizes the rise in the price of Gold As I wrote about in my post  Silver and Gold prices of 2014 and 2015, the price of Gold and Silver is likely to rise this summer and fall, but its still being manipulated from behind the scenes, with Saturn representing the corrupt banksters and manipulators.  However, Saturn leaves Scorpio and no longer squares Jupiter starting in early 2015, so we should start to see some real upward movement in the price of precious metals next winter/spring as the manipulation and suppression end, or somehow have less effect.

People who have planets or angles in the fire signs of Leo, Aries and Sagittarius will benefit the most from Jupiter's transit of Leo.  Still, everyone has Leo somewhere in their chart  -  think about what house Jupiter is transiting through and know that you will have blessings there for the coming year!

The last time Jupiter was in Leo was from August of 2002 to September of 2003. Think back to any events that happened then - how did your life expand, grow or change? There may be echoes of that in the coming year.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Uranus square Pluto - the end of the US dollar standard

Financial astrology supports what the world economists have been saying for years now. The US dollar is tanking,  yet they just keep printing more and more currency which of course just devalues it even more.  

 Right now we're in the midst of a hugely transformative Pluto square Uranus aspect that has already changed the landscape of how we live our life.  It started a two years ago, and will continue on through to the middle of 2015, with certain time periods being more intense than others.

Pluto in Capricorn symbolizes plutocracy in general, as well as major institutions, corporations, governments, the economy, the world central banking system and the IMF (international monetary fund).

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, revolution, breaking apart and of separation is challenging that Pluto.  Countries are going bankrupt, people are losing their pensions, and some their homes. 

This aspect is HUGE!  This aspect changes everything.  This aspect symbolizes the end of a certain mindset and way of living.  The old world order (pluto) is being demolished for the new world order (uranus). 

What's really happening is the end of the US dollar standard.

Here's a wonderfully informative video from financial expert Michael Maloney. He actually put out a series of them, 6 in all, explaining in a very calm and simple manner how the US dollar standard is ending and why, the history behind currency and their cycles, why the economy is tanking, the global picture, as well as the cycles of gold and silver and what is coming up in that regard. Wonderful video. Highly recommend. Watch it here .  This is number 3 in a his series.

From a non astrological point of view - Robert Kiyosaki's (Rich Dad Poor Dad) seminars on YouTube are a clear and concise source of information.   He is arguably one of the world's most successful investors, yet he is also an educator.  He is trying to teach people how to work with the changes and not be left with nothing.   He is not an astrologer (that I know of), but he speaks from experience.   He recommends gold and silver, simply because its real money that has real value.  Cash is trash, or it soon will be.  He also reminds us that there is only about 6 years of silver left in the world.  After that, its gone. At the rate India is buying it up though, it could be sooner than that.

And what about India?  India has recently been buying up Silver bullion like there's no tomorrow.    Last spring India bought up 250 tons of silver in one month, 500 tons the next, and eventually bought up 16% of the entire world silver market in 2013!  Not much left for the rest of us, since Silver is a consumable product used in technology.  Once its used, its gone.

And what about China? .There is speculation that they have secretly accummulated tons of gold - 5,000 tons. Much much more than most people thought.  The Chinese know that the US dollar standard is coming to an end, and they are likely hoarding gold to back their own currency.   This scenario will send the price of gold surging upward as well, and we may very well see a gold-backed Yuan in the future.

Robert Kiyosaki says - 'Cash is trash'. The US dollar is continuing to devalue, and at the rate that things are falling apart, he says it looks like 2016 will be when it tanks altogether.

Robert has a book out which goes into more detail about how to survive the coming rough years. 

Rich Dad's Conspiracy of the Rich: The 8 New Rules of Money

He's pretty close when one looks at the astrological timing, but it will likely be well before 2016.  We've got the most intense hit of all this coming April (Cardinal Grand Cross), then another exact hit in Dec of 2014, and then the last and final hit in March of 2015.  That's when we will be looking at exactly what has irrevocably (Pluto) changed in our lives.  Irrevocably meaning its over, its done and there is no going back. 

In terms of timing, we still have the two business planets Saturn and Jupiter in a trine right now.  This offers some small support in terms of the economy.  But what happens when Jupiter enters Leo on July 26th and those two planets will then in a square aspect?  That is the point where we may see things really start to go downhill economically.  So, the April Grand Cross is one major timer, and the Jupiter sign change is another.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Silver and Gold prices 2014-2015

The two business planets, Jupiter and Saturn, are the main drivers when it comes to the prices of GOLD and SILVER, and the stock market too.   Jupiter expands the price and the popularity of whatever he touches, so the sign that Jupiter is transiting through at any given time describes the types of industries/commodities that should do well. Jupiter makes things popular, and people get enthusiastic about whatever Jupiter's sign represents, and the market reflects that.  Saturn does the opposite - Saturn restricts.  We're talking trends here, so its not always as black and white as this, but still - the trend is there.

For example, when Jupiter is in the sign of Gemini, cell phone companies stock prices tend to go up, and all things to do with communications, networking, education - so one might want to invest in a bookstore, or perhaps a Railroad stock.

The opposite will happen when Saturn is in the sign of Gemini - these same industries tend to go through a slump and their stock prices tend to go down.  This actually provides an excellent buying opportunity -  because at some point in the next 12 years Jupiter will come back and support these industries again.  

Rule of thumb is to buy low and sell high, which sounds like a no brainer, yet most people don't do this.  They tend to buy high, because Jupiter makes them 'enthusiastic' to buy that particular industry/stock, which is why that industry price tends to go up.  Buy stock in industries when Saturn is hitting them, and sell when Jupiter is hitting them.  If everyone is already buying something, then its already too late.  You've come in at the end of the trend.  Astrology helps you to know where the trend is heading before it actually gets there.

I'll give you a quick rundown of a few of the industries that are ruled by each sign

Aries - aerospace/defence, dental, diamonds, eyeglasses, fitness, fireplaces, metals, military, war things, surgical.

Taurus - banks, beauty supplies, cattle, collectables, copper, financial services/institutions, massage, art as an investment

Gemini - advertising, car parts and cars, bikes, books, buses, education, newspapers, radios, railroads, phones, writing supplies

Cancer - homes, housing companies, real estate, bakeries, restaurants, food supply, grocery, hotels, kitchens, milk, silver

Leo - gold, amusement parks, gambling, holidays, games, recreation, stockbrokers, golf, RVs

Virgo - accountants (with Scorpio), accounting supplies, health care, hairdressing (with Libra), pharmaceutical (with Pisces), food processing, harvesting, herbs, health spas, nursing, servants, small pets, vets

Libra - clothing, art for esthetic appeal, confectionary, fashion, jewels, partnerships, anything to do with marriage and weddings

Scorpio - accounting, bathrooms, cemeteries, insurances, taxes, research, psychology, healing, hospice

Sagittarius - travel, advertising, publishing, religious institutions, sports gear, universities, higher learning

Capricorn - corporations, cement, coal, clocks and watches, engineers (with Scorpio), gerontology, nursing homes, office buildings, vaults, bones, teeth

Aquarius - aerospace, airplanes, astrology, metaphysics, commodities and futures, computers and technology, electrical, radio and TV, satellites, science

Pisces - drugs, alcohol, charity, chemicals, churches, fantasy, film, health care, hospitals, oceans, oil, photgraphy, poison, podiatry, shoes (with Libra), prison, dancing.

SILVER is ruled by the sign Cancer, and GOLD is ruled by Leo.  Therefore, when Jupiter hits Cancer, the price of Silver should go up.  Theoretically.  So, let's have a look.  Over the last 10 years, Silver prices rose dramatically in 2010, and went right up to almost $50 per ounce.  Jupiter was in the sign of Pisces for pretty much all of 2010, which is in trine to the sign of Cancer.  At the same time, Uranus was also in the sign of Pisces.  Jupiter and Uranus together can mean sudden huge surges upward, both in a sign that supports (trines) the Silver sign of Cancer.   The price of Silver topped out at $50 per ounce in April of 2011 and then started to go back down again.  Jupiter had just entered the sign of Aries in early 2011, which is square Cancer, so it makes sense that the price would start to back off.

Gold is ruled by the sign of Leo.   When Saturn is in Leo, Gold should be low.  When Saturn is in the signs that square Leo (Scorpio, Aquarius), it should also be low.   Saturn is in the sign of Scorpio right now, and has been for the past 1.5 years.  Saturn will continue to be in the sign of Scorpio right through to Jan of 2015, so theoretically the price of Gold should not rise exorbitantly until next year. 

                                                                                             Hadrian Roman Gold coins

Saturn entered the sign of Scorpio in Nov of 2012, and right on cue the price of Gold dropped.  It went from a high of approx $1600/oz in the winter of 2012 down to $1300/oz by the summer of 2013.    It perked up slightly in Oct of 2013, but then went down yet again to a low of $1200 by early Jan of this year.  Then it started going up again a bit in January.

Jupiter enters the sign of Gold -Leo- this July 2014.  Theoretically, this should make the price of Gold rise -  although the Saturn in Scorpio squaring that Jupiter in Leo may keep a lid on the price.  Once Saturn moves out of Scorpio and into Sag in Jan of 2015, the price of Gold has carte blanche to really move upward.  

I think that Saturn in Scorpio is representing the manipulation that has come to light in the precious metals markets this year.  That Saturn represents the banksters that have been manipulating the prices, and since Saturn leaves Scorpio at the end of 2014 and Saturn no longer squares Jupiter, it stands to reason that that would be when the manipulation ends, or has little effect.

China has recently created a new Shanghai Gold Exchange, with the end goal of becoming dominant in the international gold market. This would hugely affect the price of gold and silver, as then the natural market would define what the price should be and the western bankers would not be able to manipulate the prices as they did in the past.   Gold and silver prices are likely to greatly surge at that point.

Still, when Jupiter enters Leo mid-July, its going to come up and trine Uranus in Aries, which could send the price of Gold upward since Aries is trine to Leo and therefore is supportive.   BUT, that Saturn in Scorpio could still keep the lid on anything climbing too high.   However, its next year when things really start to rock and roll.  Saturn will have left the sign of Scorpio and will no longer be fighting with Jupiter, so Jupiter can do its thing and expand the prices. Jupiter in Leo will be trining Uranus in Aries in early-mid March, and Venus and Mars will both be in Aries as well, setting up a very nice trine to that expansive Jupiter in the Leo sign of Gold.  As we carry on through 2015, Jupiter in Leo will move direct again on April 7th, 2015, and will come up and trine that Uranus in Aries again, and  it should definitely surge way upwards, as both Uranus and Jupiter are direct. It should surge in mid-April 2015 and continue to climb right through to late June.

2015 is the year to watch for both Gold and Silver to hit sky high levels - especially March through to July.

Jupiter is trine Saturn now, and having these two business planets in trine is helping to keep the economy afloat.  On its last legs mind you, but nothing has crashed yet.  Once Jupiter enters Leo and the two planets are in a square, that's when the economy could start to get on really shaky ground.  This is another reason why July is so important in the price of silver and gold.  Once the global economy has a big scare or a panic takes place, gold and silver are where people go for safety, showing why Jupiter entering Leo at that time symbolizes the rise in price of silver and gold - although it may not be until next year when it gets good.

Here's a wonderfully informative video from financial expert Michael Maloney. He actually put out a series of them, 5 in all, explaining in a very calm and simple manner how the US dollar standard is ending and why, the history behind currency and the cycles, as well as why the economy is tanking, the global picture, as well as the cycles of gold and silver and what is coming up in that regard. Wonderful video. Highly recommend. Watch it here. 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Uranus Pluto square - the end of the Catholic Church ?

 The Uranus Pluto square has been in effect for the last couple of years, and will continue to be in effect for another two.  It's an aspect of massive change on a global level, as we've seen politically, economically, religiously, in the extreme weather patterns, as well as on a personal level. 

Pluto will break down and irrevocably transform Capricornian type entities - corporate structures, big business, governments as well as the Catholic church.  Plutocracy too is being sytematically broken down (defines a society or a system ruled and dominated by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens).   Uranus in Aries symbolizes challenge, extreme change, separation, fighting for what's right, sudden violence, etc. These two planets are now in a tense square, and we're seeing big businesses and corporate structures fall, we've seen actual governments fall, and we've seen the economy crumble and barely hang on.  That which is built on false foundations will be torn down, and Pluto is ruthless in exposing the secret and ugly underbelly of these giant structures.

Uranus is also symbolizing the common man, the person who had to live by his governments rules, and who now has to pay the price for the government's irresponsibility.  Just ask any Greek citizen what happened to his pension plan.  Poof!  Gone. Uranus is symbolizing the common man rising up and fighting, taking a stand, exposing the dark secrets and under-handed dealings that the power brokers of the world have tried to get away with.

The Catholic Church is a perfect symbol of Pluto in Capricorn.  It's a highly patriarchial organization with extreme power.  Sex abuse litigation has cost the church more than $3 billion in payouts to victims in the U.S. alone, and has caused many archdioceses to file bankruptcy in recent years.

So, is there more to come for the Catholic Church?

We need to check the natal birth chart to find out.

Italian Vatican II
October 11, 1962
9 am
Vatican city, Italy

Oct 11 was the opening ceremonies

Italian Vatican II is considered the chart for the modern Catholic Church - there was a general modernization of the practice of Catholicism.  The sessions didn't start until Oct 13th, but the first day was the opening ceremony of only the mass and all the attendants- some 3500 people.  So, we use Oct 11th at 9 am.

The modern Catholic Church is a Libra.....17.5 degrees of Libra to be exact.

I was wondering if it was going to be one of the casualities of the Grand Cardinal Cross in April of this year, and it looks like it won't escape unscathed.  It's not being hit exactly, as the Grand Cross happens at exactly 13.5 degrees of cardinal, so the Catholic Church's Sun is about 4 degrees away.  We will likely hear of some sort of scandal or trouble in the Church then, but I think its more in the next few years that the Church may finally end as we know it.  

Uranus comes up and opposes that Sun though all of 2015 and early 2016.  Uranus shakes the Vatican up big time.   Remember when lightning stuck the Vatican on Feb 11th  2013 ?   It was just hours after news broke that Benedict XVI was nearly immediately leaving the papacy.  It was speculated that he was involved in a child rape scandal as the reason why.  Lightning is literal Uranus!   I wonder what the upcoming Uranus transit will bring for the Church - Uranus is opposing the Church's Sun, so something is coming at them from the outside.  The opposition itself is an aspect of separation and breaking apart, and add in the fact that Uranus is in in violent Aries, it sounds like a sudden lightning bolt event (figuratively or literally) that will expose more secrets, as the Church's Sun is in the 12th house of 'secrets and hidden things.'   This Uranus transit will set the stage for breakup and change, and then Pluto comes in and demolishes/transforms it through all of 2017.

The Catholic Church as we know it now will end in some way then - some irrevocable way.  The Church as we know it will die, but it could also re-birth itself into a new kind of church, or a new entity altogether.  What kind that will be I have no idea.   The Church is also having its progressed lunar return that year....a cycle which began 30 years ago and will end in 2017, again symbolizing an ending of some sort.

What about Pope Francis?  What part will he have to play in all this?

Judging from his chart, it looks like he will challenge the Church and perhaps try to steer it in a better direction.  Well, we can hope anyway.  Notably, his Mars in Cancer exactly conjuncts the Church's Pluto in Cancer -  this is an aspect of war and a battle of wills.  It won't be easy for him.

Pope Francis has already warned against accepting men for the priesthood who may have been implicated in sexual abuse or other problems, saying the protection of the Catholic faithful is most important.

"We must form their hearts. Otherwise we are creating little monsters. And then these little monsters mold the people of God. This really gives me goose bumps," he was quoted as saying.  He frequently criticizes 'careerism' among men of the cloth.

Pope Francis Warns of Fallout from Newly Trained Priests


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Cardinal Grand Cross April 2014

As most of you may already know, we're on the midst of a transformative Pluto Uranus square, which has been in effect for the last couple of years, and will continue to be in effect until next spring.   It's an aspect of huge change on a global level, as we've seen politically, economically, in the extreme weather patterns, as well as on a personal level. 

Everyone is going through their own personal revolution in some way, and some more than others.  Everyone is being forced out of their comfort zone somehow, and the people with planets in the early degrees of the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are likely to be going through the most change.  These people are already starting to experience big transformations in their lives.

Uranus is in Aries and Pluto is in Capricorn, and now Jupiter in Cancer is also in the mix, t-squaring them both.  So, what happens in April?   Mars happens - the God of War!  Mars is in Libra, and he goes retrograde on March 1st, and stays retrograde until May 17th, 2014.  Mars is the planet of assertion, aggression, sex, anger, how you get your needs met, how you go after what you want, competition, sports, war, combat get the idea.  Mars is not at his happiest in the sign of Libra, as Libra is the sign of partnerships and agreements and of being polite and nice,  (the antithesis of Mars) so his more domineering and assertive energies will still come out, but they may have to go underground and could come out in a more passive aggressive kind of way.  For some these energies get repressed, and that's when people can explode. 

In mid April, the Uranus Pluto square becomes exact, and Jupiter comes in to make it an exact t-square, and then Mars comes in to make it an EXACT DEGREE grand cross!   All the planets will be at 13.5 degrees of cardinal signs.

It's quite stunning really, how these 4 planets come together so precisely, which makes their energies all come together and release at exactly the same time. 

Mercury is part of this Grand Cross as well, as he comes in and triggers it on April 14th.  Mercury is 'the messenger', so we may hear some sort of mind-blowing news at this point, on a personal or a global level.  April 20th is when it is at the beginning of its most intense phase, as the Moon is in Capricorn and triggering the whole thing, and then its on April 22nd when Mars moves into its exact position and squares the already existing exact T-square.  You're going to be feeling it all month though, mostly from the 14th onward.   The Sun conjuncts Uranus on April 2nd, and then triggers the developing Grand Cross from the 2nd to the 4th, so we may see something starting as early as then.
Still, the 14th looks like a big day as far as world news goes, as that also happens to be the day of the Total Lunar Eclipse! 

On a global level, this is probably the most volatile and intense time of the last few decades.  Some even say in our lifetime.  We can expect possible acts of terrorism, natural disasters, earthquakes, extreme weather, and either war or an escalation of some military conflict.  We could also expect the economy to go into even deeper crisis mode at this time, perhaps as a response to some disaster in the world, or maybe its when the rest of the world finally gives up on the US dollar standard.  These planets are all in cardinal signs, which are action signs. Things happen in action signs.  No one knows for sure what's going to happen, but at the very least we'll get to see how things are not working and how the current world set-up is no longer viable.  We're going to see things crack open, but besides breakdowns we may also see amazing breakthroughs, or hear of some astounding new technological advancement.  Perhaps they will find a new cure that will impact the world.   Whenever Uranus is involved, you know it will be sudden and surprising.

On a personal level, we're making shifts.  You've already been nudged out of your comfort zone, so you already know where the changes are happening - so do what you can to move forward into change, instead of resisting it and fighting it.  If you've already been lobbying for change, this is when you may see some results. This is when things will happen.  They are conflictual energies for sure, but sometimes a little conflict is what is needed to break away.  You may become brave now, even if it is impetuous and sudden.   This is a deciding month for relationships.  The relationship asteroid Juno hits that Grand Cross degree of 13.5 Aries in early April, which again speaks to changes in the status quo of many relationships.

To work with this energy, think about the planets involved. Your ideals or belief systems (Jupiter) may need to change (Uranus), in an irrevocable way (Pluto). Uranus is also the great 'liberator', as he rids us of unwanted baggage by separating us from what is no longer in our best interest. Mars says that one needs to make a personal effort, and it may mean that you're giving something another try (retrograde) or dealing with something from before, or reconsidering your previous actions/attitudes/behaviours.  Think of all this as accelerated change.  Everyone's going to be affected in some way, but those with planets in mid degrees of Cardinal signs are going to feel it the most.

When Mars is in retrograde, do not initiate war, as you will lose, according to astrologer Lynn Koiner.  On a personal level this could mean litigation - don't sue somebody when Mars is retrograde.  Lynn says that the initiator of the 'battle' is the one who will lose.  We pray and hope the US does not enter into another war at this time, but it is such a volatile signature.  It looks like the Ukraine is being really hit by this aspect already.

So, who's being hit directly by this Grand Cross?

Putin's Sun is at 13 degrees of Libra
The US has its Sun at 13 degrees of Cancer.
Russia's Mars is at 13° Capricorn.
China's Mercury is at 13° Libra.

China's Mercury is being hit - Mercury is the 'messenger;, so I wonder if we're going to be hearing news out of China during this time.  My own city of Vancouver was incorporated on April 6th, so its being hit by the Grand Cross as well. 

Notable personalities with Suns close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
Alec Baldwin  (new Dad)
Mel Gibson
Bradley Cooper
Tom Cruise
The Dalai Lama
Matt Damon
Simon Cowell (first time Dad)

Those with Moon close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
Angeline Jolie
Kate Winslet
Anne Hathaway
Johnny Depp (just got engaged)

Those with Venus close to 13.5 degrees Cardinal
George Clooney
Ashley Judd
Bill Clinton
Miley Cyrus
Diane Lane

We may hear more from these people in the news in the coming month.

Make sure you yourself are not doing something really dumb on those most intense days - like don't go rock climbing and don't speed and don't be reckless in any way.  Do not provoke anyone. Seriously.

Some astrologers are predicting a complete economic meltdown for April of 2014.   Well, we still have Jupiter and Saturn -the business planets - trining each other, which offers some small protection as some other astrologers have pointed out.   But, its highly likely we're going to be shown how the old world economy is no longer viable.  This could play out in a million different ways.  Very likely there will be sovereign banking systems that fail.  Slovenia is probably going down this year, according to CEO and expert Eric Sprott, and Japan is in dangerous territory.  Maybe the Federal Reserve will finally have to admit that they don't have the gold in reserve that they say they do, and that they've been covering up for decades!   If that happens, then what do you think will happen to the market?  Whatever happens will make us sit up and realize there is no going back to the way it used to be.  More bank bail ins (gov't confisacting funds from citizens) are highly likely, even here in Canada,   Jupiter and Saturn are trining each other now, but when Jupiter shifts into Leo on July 26th, it will then square Saturn in Scorpio.  The two business planets will no longer be in trine, but in a square.  This could be when things really start to get more dramatic economically.

There will be shifts and change certainly - on a literal, financial and emotional level.  Focus on your own personal life instead, and look at how you're using your power (pluto) or not, and look at where you can make positive changes in your life.

This energy is going to be played out within relationships on a personal level for the most part, as Mars is in the relationship sign of Libra.  Romantic relationships will be key of course, but any kind of relationship comes under fire - love, platonic, business, financial, consultants, health professionals, therapists - you get the idea.

I think these times are forcing people to rely more on faith and trust and turn inside to a more spiritual place.  Really, where else can you go when the external world no longer feels safe?   Neptune has recently entered its home sign of Pisces, and this heralds a shift towards a more spiritual perspective.   New structures and beliefs cannot be built up until the old corrupt ones are ripped down.   This aspect is ripping those old structures down.  

Besides all this, April also happens to be an Eclipse month !.  We have a Total Lunar Eclipse on April 14th, and then a Solar Eclipse on April 28th.   Eclipses are intense, and the lunar eclipse on the 14th is particularly intense as its Total and not Partial.   On the Lunar Eclipse, we also happen to have Mercury come in and conjunct Uranus and trigger that Grand Cross degree.   Eclipses are times of change, of endings and of beginnings, and we almost always hear of notable figures passing away at these times.

To get even more information, lets check out the Fixed Stars. 

ARCTURUS is conjunct the Lunar Eclipse Moon -  is of the nature of Jupiter and Mars.  This symbolizes the daring to strike out and take a new path or to try a new way.  To go in a new whole direction.

ACHERNAR - is conjunct the eclipse Chiron.  It promises happiness and success through integrity, moral and religious fortitude and steadfastness in philosophical beliefs.  It also brings the risk of rapid endings.

There have been more mainstream media reports of UFOs lately, like that one the pilot from the British Airways jet reported  day or so ago.  I wonder if April will be when we hear of more, as Jupiter and Uranus in aspect is classic for these kinds of things, and especially when you factor in the other cardinal planets.  Perhaps there will be some sort of contact.  The above pic is one I found at over at The Vike Factor  and it was taken over Deep Cove in North Vancouver on August 26, 2013 - you can make out the spherical object hovering overhead. 

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